It's safe to say in the last couple of year I've noticed a change in my body; and not in a good way. I've piled on the pounds and have come to hate the way I look. I literally can't run for more than 5 minutes without feeling like I'm going to pass out. I almost feel embarrassed and in 2017 this needs to change. I don't want to feel shit about myself. I don't want to feel unhappy. I don't want to feel crap when I walk into a shop and come out with nothing because I feel like nothing fits right and I look fat. NO. This year, I'm going to change how I feel. I need to concentrate on me and making myself feel better inside and out. I know I'll feel more confident if I drop a dress size or two and look and feel more toned. Not only will it improve my body and mind but it will help make positive changes to my skin too. So who's with me? 2017 - You're MY year! Welcome to Weight loss Wednesday's; a series where I post about my health and fitness journey in the next few months.

My Health & Fitness Goals for 2017.

Loose 2 stone. 
So this goal is pretty self explanatory, but I want to loose weight, 2 stone to be precise. Now I'm not prepared to tell the whole world what my current weight is at the moment, but when I start seeing improvements I might feel comfortable enough to share all with you. Basically I want to drop a dress size and loose weight. I want to be able to feel comfortable in my bikini in the summer and overall feel better in my clothes. Not only will it make me feel good but I will be proud to show off my body and not worry all the time about how I look or feel.

Tone up my body; particularly my stomach, arms and thighs.
Once I've lost the weight I want to tone up my body. My worst part of my body is by far my legs. I HATE them. I just feel like they're chunky and b i g. I want to get them toned once they're slimmer along with my arms and stomach. I want to be able to lift weights and feel more confident in my body.

Be able to run long distance again.
Ok so this one became apparent to me this weekend when I went for a run with my boyfriend and could barely breath after about 10 minutes. I have become so unfit since I stopped being active during high school and I want that to change. Starting today I have downloaded the couch to 5k app on my iPhone and will be attempting to be able to run 5k in the next few months with the hope to increase this over the year.

Get back into dancing, or at least join a fitness class.
I used to dance during high school when I was much more active and you know what, I really really miss it. I want to get back into it for health reasons but also because I used to enjoy it so much. I feel like it would help me with my confidence, I'd be able to meet new people and also get fit at the same time!

Feel better in myself.
Overall throughout my fitness journey I just want to feel better in myself. I want to feel good about my body, feel confident and not be afraid of not looking how I want to be. I know that I will feel a lot better if I look better so I'm 110% on it and determined to make changes to my body that will have a lasting impact.

Who's with me?!



  1. We have literally exactly the same fitness goals! I also want to lose 2 stone, tone up and get running again, and I also want to join a new yoga class because I used to do it all the time but I've just got out of the habit. Let's definitely just do it this year and feel good again! *fist pumps air* xxx

    1. Woo! We can do this! 2017 is our year! Let's keep each other motivated :) Follow me on bloglovin for updates - I've followed you! Love the posts xx