As some of you may know, my Boyfriend and I moved into our first flat together in June so I thought I would do a slightly different post from usual and share with you my thoughts on what it's like living with a boy now that we've been living together for 6 months!!!

Double beds are simply NOT big enough for two people! Don't get me wrong I do love a cuddle, but in the summer months it was unbearable and way too hot and just not fun! I think we need to invest in a king size bed sometime in the future haha!

You will probably get a bit fat. I mean, a part of my weight gain came from being a bit of a slob at Uni and eating endless amounts of crap during my study days, but at the beginning of the move we became quite lazy and often opted for Chinese on a Saturday and sometimes two for Tuesdays too! Whoops, my bad, time to hit the gym. When you move in with your boyfriend you will basically end up staying in on a weekend, have no life and spend your money on comfy pj's and junk food.

Girly things are simply not a taboo anymore. Periods will always be gross but in no time your razors will be left lying around the bathroom and you'll be sat wearing face masks or spot cream watching TV with a cup of tea.

When ever you spend any time in the flat you'll be found wearing your favourite onesie or trackie bottoms without a care in the world. It's so cold in our flat at the moment that I live in my PJ's and fluffy dressing gown and we both sit watching TV covered in blankets. Perfection if you ask me, although it'd be better if we were sat in front of a hot roaring fire too!

Your conversations will revolve around either work, your favourite TV shows or in our case; what the students in the flat across the street are eating for their dinner and the fights between the two druggies who live at the bottom of the road. I seriously don't think we talk about anything else! Jay is always moaning at me for talking about what happened at work as soon as I get in through the door, but when it's your life 5 out of 7 days a week it's hard not to talk about it!!

There will ALWAYS be a pile of unknown sh*t lingering in a corner of the bedroom and you'll often find yourselves debating as to whether they're supposed to be washing or to be put away! Ok, ok. I admit it. This one is all down to me. I just can never be bothered to put my things away, I like having my little pile of things right next to the washing basket because then it's easily accessible and I know where it lives!

Boys do not understand the importance of home decor. Whenever I see a cute bit of decor in the shops, or some fairy lights, Jay just doesn't understand how beautiful they'd look in the flat. It's like he has no concept of decor, it's not on his radar. Like at all Boys will never understand why you need 10 extra cushions or fairy lights as a backdrop behind your bed (I'm seriously obsessed with mine)! They simply don't have time for that shit!

Sleeping in your own bed when they go away feels lonely as f**k and it's like there is a piece of you missing. It makes you realise how you ever really lived without them (I mean, who's going to fake tan your back and take cute instagram pics if they won't?) You need them and life wouldn't be complete without them!! (I'm cute af aren't I!?)

So there you have it - my thoughts on what it's like to live with a boy, 6 months on!! Let me know what you guys think of this post in the comments below and share your thoughts on living with your partner, I'd love to read them!


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