Ok so prepare for a soppy cringey post today! It's Valentines Day and I'm lucky enough to spend it with my boyfriend of 3 and a half years! I love Valentines day and over the years I've done the standard night out with the girls getting smashed and downing Jaeger Bombs, having a night in with the boyfriend and a "2 dine for £10" meal deal from M&S, a double date down at one of our favourite Indian restaurants with my best friend and her boyfriend and the typical date night with a 3 course meal, a bottle of prosecco and then a night of cocktails. I've done it all and I've loved each Valentines day in a different way!

It's safe to say I love Valentines day and I enjoy spending time with the person I love eating lots of incredible food and drinking endless amounts of prosecco. This year we decided to celebrate at the weekend and because Jay and I have recently moved to a new flat we decided we would cook a delicious dinner and drink prosecco in the comfort of our own home!

Picture this; tagliatelle pasta with meatballs cooked in a tomato pesto sauce with a glass of prosecco cooked by yours truly dressed in my favourite pink silk Pj's and fluffy socks, SO GLAM, BUT SO PERFECT!

I decided not to bother putting on my LBD and my heels and instead opted for comfort and warmth and It couldn't have been better. We were cuddled up in our new flat with lots of blankets, birthday cake (if you didn't know I'm now 23!!) and drank prosecco! This year we decided not to do presents because we've just moved and it's been a busy and expensive month but we bought each other a card and I got Jay a little print that we could have in our new flat, cute eh!?

Happy Valentines Day everyone, and especially to my boyfriend Jay - I love you lots, thank you for being my best friend! *cringe alert*

What have you guys done to celebrate? Let me know in the comments below.


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