Ok, so I've seen numerous bloggers and Youtubers rave about this product (Gabby - i'm looking at you gal) and I never really understood the hype but oh my god - this stuff is incredible!

I got this product for my birthday off my mum and dad because truth be told I could never justify paying the price but I will 100% be repurchasing this when I run out. It's one of them products that is good to use for anything and I literally take mine everywhere. It hasn't left my side since I got it. It comes to work with me in my handbag, sits on my bedside table at night time and you'll even find it in my clutch on a night out. I use it mostly for my chapped lips but it also doubles up as a hand cream and it's good for my dry skin on my face too.

The product applies smoothly and isn't greasy at all once applied (bonus). It helps to keep my skin feeling hydrated and smooth and a little goes a long way which means the product will last for ages (so definitely worth the money!) I couldn't recommend it enough and I now finally understand what all that hype was about. Seriously, if you haven't tried it before go out and get yourself one. The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour 50ml Cream retails at £26.00.

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