February is my birthday month so it was a month filled with lots of favourites and I thought today I'd share them with you. I honestly can't believe how fast this year is going and we're already half way through March - it's flying by so let's get on with the February favourites.


My first favourite has got to be the bunny rabbit snapchat filter as you're going to see it a fair bit in this post. I am literally obsessed. I think it's so cute and on a night out it because a firm favourite with the group selfies.

My Birthday was a huge favourite of mine of course! Who doesn't love birthday's hey?! I started the celebrations with a birthday meal the week before with my lovely friend Nat at Gusto which was gorgeous. During my birthday week I celebrated at work and then took the Friday 10th February off which is my actual birthday! I spent the day with the boyfriend eating food and relaxing which was perfect. We actually moved flat and to a different city in February so my birthday was clouded slightly by packing boxes and cleaning flats but it was still relaxing. On my birthday weekend we cleaned the old flat so there wasn't much excitement there but I did spend the Saturday with my family in Leeds with bottomless prosecco and a meal. It was so nice to see my twin sister too to give her the presents we'd chosen and just spend time with everyone. The weekend after my birthday was spent with a full flat and lots of partying. My best friends from University came to visit me and we went out in Leeds which was so much fun. They got me some gorgeous gifts and I'm so grateful that they came to see me, so prins if you're reading this; thanks and I love ya lots.<3

As I mentioned above and if you follow me on twitter (shameless plug) you'll already know I've moved into a new flat, in a new city. My boyfriend and I have moved to Leeds for my job purpose and just because we wanted a new adventure and it was time for a change. I love our new little flat, it's so cute and cosy and is very near the centre so it's very convenient too. I will hopefully be doing a post soon about tips on moving to a small flat and how to keep it clutter free so let me know if that's something you'd like to see below. I'm so glad we're finally all settled now and although it was stressful it was definitely worth it and we're both so happy.

Jay and I have been loving watching Ibiza Weekender in February. Yes, I know - trashy TV but it's so addictive and even though I know it's all made up I feel invested in it. It's a good Sunday evening watch and just a bit of fun really. It makes me want to go on holiday to the sunshine! Why is England so rainy?!

February was the month I fell back in love with blogging and although I was busy I managed to make time to write posts. I need to get back into the swing of things because I feel like March so far has been a month full of unorganised chaos. I love discovering new blogs and interacting with community and I feel like I'm starting to make some great friends which makes it all more worthwhile. I hope that this year I can start to improve my photos and start saving for a good camera too. If you recommend any new bloggers please let me know below because I love finding new blogs to read.


For one of my birthday gifts from my Nanna I received the famous MAC Lipstick in Whirl which I have been wanting to try for SO long and my brother got me the Lip Liner in Spice too so I've got the whole "Kylie Jenner combo". I love how creamy both the lipstick and liner feel on the lips and they don't feel drying at all even though the lipstick is a Matte. I didn't think I'd suit the darker 90's lip but I do really like how it looks and definitely recommend it. I wore it on my birthday night out and haven't taken it off since!

Another birthday gift was the Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation which I've heard SO many people rave about. I absolutely love this foundation. I suffer from dry skin and this doesn't seem to dry me out at all. I got the colour sand which is slightly dark but when I wear fake tan and especially for a night out it matches the skin perfectly.

I have been wanting to try the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream for so long after seeing so many people talk about how good it is but I couldn't justify the price of it. My mum and dad bought me this for my birthday and OMG it is incredible. It has helped my dry skin and cracked lips so much and feels so moisturising, it is seriously amazing. I would 100% go out and repurchase this again, I highly recommend. If you want to see a full review of it, I wrote a blog post a couple of weeks ago where I share all my thoughts!


My fashion favourites this month include a black bodycon dress that I've had for ages. I wore it a couple of times last summer but re discovered it last month and decided to wear it for my birthday night out. It's got a cross front detail and it very booby but I love it. It makes my boobs look huge and just makes me feel really confident in general, especially when I was feeling a bit low about the way I looked too. I got so many compliments in it and it fits so nicely and is extremely comfortable. I would highly recommend boohoo for dresses that make you feel sexy and slim!

My final favourite is this gorgeous burgundy red primark coat with fur trim. I am literally in love. I have been wanting a coat like this for years and even though we're heading into spring and it's soon going to be sunny (well hopefully), I just couldn't leave this in the shop. I saw one random coat hung on a rack with some jumpers and I legit ran towards it. I didn't have much hope that there would be one in my size but to my excitement there it was starting at me in my size, and at the bargain of £12. I mean come on .. I just couldn't leave it. It looks great on and the colour is beautiful. I'm in love.

What were your February favourites?

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