It's no secret that I LOVE Instagram, I mean who doesn't right?! Whenever I'm bored I scroll Instagram, whenever I need inspiration I scroll Instagram; I kid you not, it is probably my favourite social media platform.

There are so many amazing Instagramers that I follow, too many to choose from to be honest but I thought I'd share with you just a few of my favourites! These accounts are aesthetically pleasing, inspire me and grab my attention every time there is a new post.

I have followed Hannah's blog and YouTube channel for years and I love her content. She is so real and I feel like she'd be such a good friend. I love her Instagram because it's all the things I love; food, travel and a hint of fashion. She's got amazing photography skills and is an all round babe!


Lauren posts lots of very pleasing photos of food! Her feed is gorgeous and so is she. I find myself always liking her photos because they're bright and light and catch my eye.

I love reading Corrie's blog and her instagram feed is just as good. She's got a really nice cool toned pink theme and her posts are quirky yet realistic. Plus her dog is just the cutest!

I've not followed Elle for too long but I love her feed. She's definitely a blogger/youtuber to look out for and her feed is really pretty. I love her latest post which is such a cute set up of her bath with her lightbox, book and a glass of wine! Perfect.
I love following Caitriona basically because she always features Primark buys on her instagram. She seems really cool and I LOVE her fashion sense! Definitely give her a follow.

Joel's photography is just to die for. I mean just look how aesthetically pleasing those photos are. I love photos of the sunset/sunrise in general and Joel's photography only makes me love them even more. I'd love prints like this scattered around my home one day. I highly recommend following his Instagram!

Who do you love to follow on Instagram? I'd love some new people to follow.



  1. Ah great post and thanks for sharing some awesome instagrammers! xx

    1. Thank you for reading, check out my blog every Monday, Wednesday & Friday for new posts X

  2. These are such pretty Instagram feeds!

    1. I know, they're definitely aesthetically pleasing!

      Katie X