So today is Ash Wednesday; which to those of you that aren't Christian means that this is the time of year that some Christians decide to give something up during the period of Lent. Lent runs between Wednesday 1 March and Thursday 13 April 2017 and this year I've decided to take part.

Some of you may not know but I am Catholic and have been brought up within the Catholic Church. I'm not a practising Catholic in the sense that I don't go to church every week but I do go on special occasions and I do follow the faith. Lent basically means that you have to give up something you like/love for 40 days. I really like the idea of Lent and I have tried to stick at giving up something for lent in previous years but lets not lie I never, ever successfully completed 40 days without my favourite things. Giving up crisps was the hardest thing ever!

I'm trying to change my eating habits and get myself back on track and into fitness so this year for Lent I'm giving up all bad foods; sweets, crisps, chocolate and biscuits. It's time to eat clean and feel better; so wish me luck, please.

I'm really going to try my absolute hardest and hopefully in six weeks I'll see a change to my body, health and mind. I am also going to be doing exercise too so I will hopefully feel better on the whole. You may be thinking - "so why are you telling us?" Well, one because writing it down helps me. It means I can't back out because I've told you all so I've got to stick with it. And two because I want to challenge some of you lovely lot to try and give something up for 40 days! I'll be updating you all every two weeks on how I'm feeling, what I've craved the most and what I've been eating to stop the bad cravings too!

Come on guys, lets do this together! Please pray for me. I CAN DO THIS SHIT.

p.s the money I save during lent (on not buying crap) will be a bonus - so why not save some money too!


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