If you love a good Snapchat or Instagram selfie like me then you will LOVE this selfie light. As a birthday present to myself in February I decided to bite the bullet and purchase one of these lights. I don't know what ever stopped me to be honest because they are so inexpensive but a serious game changer!!

If you've seen the selfie Iphone cases everyone always raves about this light it basically very similar. I don't particularly like the phone cases as I have tried to get them on and off phones before and they're difficult to easily get on and off which is just annoying! These click on selfie lights are the answer to everyone's prayers because they clip over your normal phone case and you can clip them to pretty much anything! 

The light has 3 settings and makes a selfie in a dark room look incredible and light. I also use them for some of my instagram photos if there is no natural light and it acts as a softbox light but for your phone. I love it, such a good purchase. You can get mine here for under £10.00!! They're perfect to throw in any handbag and take wherever you go. I would highly recommend.

The above photo was taken at 10pm one evening with no lights on in the room except the selfie ring light. I mean if you don't think that's amazing then you need to get yourself down to specsavers!?

Have any of you tried out one of the selfie ring lights? Let me know what you think of them below!


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