Today's post is all about 3 incredible bloggers who inspire me every day and that I admire a lot. The 3 bloggers in question are Lauren from Girl Stole London, Gracie Francesca and Hannah Gale. If you haven't heard of these 3 ladies then where the hell have you been? Grab your phone now and follow their blogs and Instagram (I promise you'll thank me). These amazing gals are all different but all inspire me to become a better blogger and in general a better person too. I know they'd make incredible friends and I'm kinda jealous i'm not besties with them but I feel like they're my mates anyway because I just relate to their blog posts and I feel like I get them.

Lauren is one of them gals that you instantly just love. Her instagram stories make my day and her blog posts about her journey with cancer shows just how incredible this girl really is. I loved reading her blog before her cancer journey began but I think it's become something much more. She's driven, strong and absolutely beautiful and you know what if Lauren can kick cancer, then it would give those out there fighting the disease the strength to go and kick cancers butt too. She has also got an amazing sense of style and basically I want to be her friend.

Gracie Francesca

Where can I start with Gracie. Well, this girl is simply amazing. She's confident, cool, sassy and the realist deal out there. I relate to her in so many aspects of her life. Following her blog literally feels like I am catching up with a friend after not seeing her for a few weeks. She is so hilarious and witty and the best thing about her is she brings light to so many important topics. She makes me believe in myself and gives me the confidence to feel happy with who I am. Her content inspires me and her drive in life and determination to be a girl boss makes me push myself harder in my work and my blog. I love her so much for that.

Hannah Gale

Take a look at that picture above and tell me that you don't see a girl with style. My instagram saves basically consist of Hannah's fashionable outfits. She styles pieces so well and has so much confidence and again like both Lauren and Gracie she is just real. I love Hannah's blog because she has a lifestyle focus and those types of posts are the ones I love reading the most. She is down to earth and very good at what she does. She is so driven and that really shows in her blog content too.

Basically these girls inspire me so much. Whenever I am having a mental block with blogging I go to their blogs and read the amazing content that they put out. They are all so talented and incredibly humble and proud of what they do. I highly recommend checking out their blogs if you haven't already. They're amazing.

Which bloggers do you admire? I'd love to find out so I can feel inspired by all the amazing talent out there.


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