With Fathers Day literally in just under a week I thought I better get my act together and start thinking about what I'm going to get my Dad (I promise it's not usually this last minute!). I've done a fair few gift guides in the past so I thought why not do one for Fathers Day to give some of you some inspo if you're last minute like me!

I find my Dad fairly easy to buy for usually but there does come a point when you've pretty much gone through all the gifts you can think of! I always go all out at Christmas and then Fathers Day rolls around and I'm stuck for ideas again. I know my Dad doesn't like me to spend money on things just for the sake of it but I feel like it's an important day to make sure he know just how much I love him and appreciate everything he's ever done for me. This gift guide has been inspired by my Dad and the things he loves but you're bound to find something that your Dad would like too!

Firstly, a bit of background to these first few gifts. My Dad is a bit of a wild fire, he loves music and particularly loves music festivals (yes he's still young at heart!) Having been to Glastonbury festival on numerous occasions together as well as V festival more recently, I thought why not get him some festival related gifts seems as though he's off to Pilton Farm again this year!

Ok so you can't go to a festival without having some form of a chair for outside your tent. Where are you going to sit in the morning whilst you have a beer in the sunshine? This inflatable camping chair is the answer to all your prayers! It's not your typical camp chairs that are uncomfortable, this is a game changer and would provide comfort for you throughout the festival weekend. Another firm festival essential is having somewhere comfortable to sleep. When you're my Dads age (he's not that old really!) you have to make sure you're comfortable and not lying on one of those silly camper sleeping mats! I've found the answer to my Dads prayers and I genuinely think he'd love to receive this gift. The gift in question is an inflatable lounger. Basically a bed, a chair, a sofa you name it. And it doesn't require any pump it fills itself with air. It's amazing. Another Fathers Day gift that would be brilliant for your Dad if he's off to a festival is this amazing portable BBQ kit. It's easy to carry, comes with all the equipment needed and would make your camping neighbours very jealous of the smell of sizzling bacon on the grill in the mornings! This gift is also great for Dads who just love camping.

Moving away from the festival themed gifts, one gift I always love getting people, whether it's my Dad, Sister or a Friend, perfume/fragrance is always a good banker. Now you've got to be careful with your choice, but if it's someone you know well then this gift is an easy choice. I know my Dads favourite fragrance is by Issey Miyake so this aftershave is the perfect choice. You can get some great deals in the drugstore but the perfume shop usually has the best deals. You could even get a gift set too. Sticking with men's grooming theme, another great gift for those Dads with a bit of facial hair is this Babylis Grooming Kit. I think this is great as it's a 5 in 1 and can be used for your hair too.

My Dad is an avid cycling lover and he often rides his bike along the coastal roads near where we live. I've bought him numerous cycling related gifts over the years but I hadn't thought of a smartphone holder for your bike before. This is a great idea for those that go on long haul bike rides and need to follow some form of satnav/map. I think this is a brilliant little gadget and one my Dad would definitely love.

For a Dad that loves gadgets, you can't go wrong with the next two gifts!! If your Dad is like mine and loves an adventure, I couldn't think of a more perfect gift than this mini drone. Imagine the shots you could get in the country side or along the coast. I think it's a really fun gift that would also help capture some amazing adventures and memories. Another gadget gift is this virtual reality headset for those Dads who love gaming etc. I know a few people who've had these and they are so realistic they look so fun to try.

Finally a really simple gift choice for any Dad who loves pictures and sentimental gifts is this picture frame that can be personalised with images of you and your Dad. If you're helping your younger brother or sister decide on a gift, I think this is perfect because it's so thoughtful and will make your Dads office look great if you're picture is featured on the wall.

I can't wait to go home to Liverpool to celebrate Fathers Day with my Dad. We're celebrating the occasion by going on a long walk in the Lake District together on the Saturday so we can spend some valuable Dad and Daughter time. I cannot wait to just switch off my phone and embrace the countryside in good company!

How are you celebrating Fathers Day this year?

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