How on earth are we half way through June already? Where is time going? Last week I reached a little milestone in my career as I successfully completed 1 year in my first graduate job. I'm really proud of myself for sticking with it and reaching that goal. It's been stressful at times but I've enjoyed it loads and I can't wait to keep gaining experience and learning new things.

I've got lots planned throughout June and July so I'm excited for these next few months. I'm off to NYC soon as well so I've set myself some goals throughout the next month to help me keep on track.

Loose half a stone
I always try and set my self weightloss goals but I can never ever stick to them. I don't eat that badly but a new gym opens across the road from where we live next week so I am determined to make a difference to my body and try and loose some weight.

Have a clear out of the flat
The flat is slowly but surely accumulating lots of shit and it's starting to get me down so the goal for June is to sort my stuff out and have a clear out! I have been selling a few bits on Ebay recently so I think a clear out would be a good opportunity to sell some more stuff too!

Meal Prep
I have been really getting into being more creative with my food for my lunches at work recently and I want to expand on this a bit more during the next few months. As I have previously mentioned, I'm off to New York in July so I want to feel more confident in my body and how I look so I'm determined to eat better and be a bit more inventive with my meals. The goal is to prep dinners for the week on a Sunday afternoon so I can feel prepared in advance.

Stick to a blogging schedule
I always try my best to stick to a schedule for my blog and one way or another I always fail. I try to blog on a Sunday, Wednesday and a Friday and this month I WILL be sticking to it!! I have loads of post ideas buzzing around my head but for me it's finding the time to take photos to go alongside the posts. I've also been staying back at work a lot more recently so by the time I get home I simply cannot be arsed to get my laptop out and that's when I loose motivation. I'm determined to find the motivation though this month and I promise I will succeed. I've got lots of New York posts in the pipeline too so stay tuned.

What are your June Goals? Let me know below.


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