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Happy Friday guys! How's your week been? If you don't follow me on social media then you won't know that I've been down in London this week with work and also seeing Adele (she was AMAZING). I also managed to get a little bit of shopping done ahead of my trip to New York in just over a week. I am SO excited I could scream!! I thought in today's post I would share with you some of my essentials that I've collected over the last couple of weeks that I will definitely be taking to New York with me.

First of all the most important thing is comfortable shoes. They are essential. I'm going to New York with my mum and twin sister and we will be walking a lot, seeing all the sights and taking in the atmosphere so I don't want to be getting any blisters!! I'm going to be taking my Adidas Gazelles with me along with my trainers from good old Primark. These are so beautiful, bright pink and again, so comfy.

Another essential for walking the streets of New York is a good handbag/backpack. For me, I'm not a backpack sort of girl and I much prefer a cross body handbag. I'm absolutely LOVING this cute pink faux croc skin handbag with a cute bow detail on the top. I think this would look so cute with black culottes and a crop top and is perfect for the evening times. It's just big enough to fit all the essentials in.

You can't go on holiday without your phone, especially New York. I am getting into my photography much more and I'm so excited to take hundreds of photos whilst I'm in the big apple! With that being said, my phone battery is more than likely going to die so I will be taking my portable I Phone charger with me! Expect lots of touristy pictures over on my Instagram!

I haven't decided whether to take my laptop yet as it's fairly heavy and I don't know how much chance I'll get to write content whilst I'm there but I have picked up this laptop sleeve which is really handy as it is lightweight yet padded so keeps it well protected. It was so cheap too so such a great buy for a bargain price. I have also just bought a Bluetooth keyboard for my Ipad so I can use it like a laptop if I choose to take that. I can then draft lots of posts on the 8 hour plane journey and utilise my time well.

As we will be in New York during the summer I can't go without a pair of sunglasses. I have chosen these tortoiseshell cat eye pair from Primark which were £3.00. They are cute and classy and for the price I just couldn't leave them behind. I am also going to pick up a couple more pairs from Primark to take too (a girl's gotta have options for the instagram picks!) They're so cheap that you could literally pick up a couple of pairs for the price of 1 in New Look or Topshop!

I'm only going away for 5 days and it is hot and sweaty in New York during the summer but I will still be taking a fair bit of makeup with me for the evenings! I picked up these really affordable clear makeup and wash bags which are the perfect essential for any holiday. I'm going to be using the smaller bag for my in flight essentials that I take on the plane with me, then I can fill the other two with makeup and skincare items. I might even use one of them for my jewellery too to avoid everything getting tangled. I will be taking a few chockers, some earrings and then of course my Pandora rings.

The final essential for New York is some hand sanitizer. New York is fab but grubby so I feel like it's a no brainer to take a small bottle of hand sanitizer with me too.

I am honestly so excited to be going to New York. I've got lots of amazing posts coming up with content on what I'm packing and I'll be doing a blog post featuring all my photos from the trip too. I can't wait to get all pampered and have my nails done. I am also getting my hair done the day before we go and I am thinking of getting it chopped. I am always toying with the idea of cutting my hair and I think this is the time to just go for it. I will probably miss my longer hair though so I'm going to get myself some clip in hair extensions to wear if I ever miss the length. There are some really cheap affordable sets out there so I can just have them as a back up. I am sure I will love it though and I will be sure to share pictures of it on social media.

Disclaimer: This product was gifted to me however this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.

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