When it comes to having a pamper and treating my skin, I ALWAYS neglect my feet and my Nanna always tells me off for it. I always paint my toe nails but honestly, that's about as far as it goes! So with summer right around the corner and my Nanna constantly telling me it's time to sort my feet out, I thought I'd share with you my routine for the perfect pedi.

Step 1 - Soak your feet

This is a pretty obvious step but soaking your feet is really important. I like to either fill up a large washing up bowl/tub with warm water and add foot soak crystals or use a foot spa. I soak the feet for approximately 10-15 minutes before drying with a soft towel.
Step 2 - Scrub, Scrub, Scrub
Whilst my feet are soaking I like to make sure I scrub my feet using a pumice stone or a foot scrubbing brush. This helps to tackle the dry skin on my feet (which I tend to suffer with quite badly in the summer time). I like to use a scrub lotion too and my favourite is by Soap and Glory. 

Step 3 - Use a Pedicure set and Trim and File your toe nails

Once your feet are dry it's time to use the pedicure set. I use this to help with my dry skin in areas such as my heels. This pedicure set is particularly useful as it comes with different tools to allow your to also shape and buff your nails. Remember if you're cutting your toenails you should use nail clippers (something I need to remember to do more often). Make sure you push the cuticles back to allow the nails to breathe and stop ingrown nails from appearing. File and shape your nails into a square shape not rounded and then remove any remainder of old polish from your nails.

Step 4 - Nail Polish
Now the fun part begins, time to pick your colour. I always like a red polish on toes so I have opted for a red gel polish. I like to use gel on my toes because it lasts longer and gives a nice finish. If you want to find out how I apply gel polish to my nails then let me know in the comments below and I will be more than happy to do a review of the DNA kit.

Step 5 - Foot cream
The final step is to apply foot cream and some fluffy socks to keep the moisture in whilst you relax or sleep. When you wake up your feet will be smooth and soft and ready for the poolside!

What are your favourite products for achieving the perfect pedi?


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