I'm one of those nosy people that loves to know everything about everyone so I couldn't think of a more perfect post than to share with you what I eat in a day because these are my favourite type of posts to read. Today i'm sharing with you what I ate yesterday.

I've never really been a big fan of eating breakfast because as a kid I was always quite picky but I am learning to enjoy it now! I used to be one of those people that would eat shit loads of toast (pale toast of course, can't be burnt) with loads of butter on but then I decided that this wasn't the healthiest choice for starting my day and opted for breakfasts that fill me up more. I know how important eating breakfast is, especially for suppressing the appetite until lunchtime so I tend to eat either Porridge during the winter or Special K when it's a little hotter. I also love to have some fruit too along with my glass of water as I try to drink at least two litres a day.

At the weekend I like to do some meal prep for the working week ahead. I usually cook either chicken or salmon and either salad or a variety of vegetables (normally broccoli or green beans). Today I had salmon with salad and a few prawns.

If I get hungry whilst I'm at work I usually just eat fruit or a handful of raisins.

For dinner my boyfriend and I will either have some form of meat or fish and vegetables or a salad. It sounds very bland and boring I know, we need to get a bit more adventurous. Today we had white fish, sweet potato and veg.

I hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. I am going to start doing some more recipe posts on my blog too so keep an I out :)


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