How on earth is it July already. I genuinely cannot believe how fast time is going bye. I haven't done a favourites post for ages but thought I would do a June favourites today as I've been loving a lot recently and I want to bring these posts back.

June has been a fun filled month and a very busy one too. I feel very lucky to be surrounded by so many amazing people in my life and I cannot wait for all the fun things July has to offer too .. including NEW YORK (yes I'm sorry I keep banging on about this I'm just VERY excited as you can imagine!)

I have visited London twice in June; at either ends of the month. The first visit was a family affair and was such a fun weekend. My dad basically recruited my boyfriend and I and some of our friends into a Super Six football league where you have to pick the scores (or in my case guess) for certain football matches and we had our own league. It was awards night down in London and a few of the league members joined in for the celebrations. It was a strange night, as the London Bridge terror attack happened that night and we realised we were all closer to where it happened than we first thought but we all had a fabulous time none the less and we were all safe which was the main thing. The second visit to London was only last weekend. I travelled down for a work exhibition down at Excel but I got to catch up with one of my besties Demi and see her work which was so nice and I also got to spend lots of quality time shopping with my mum too. I also cannot forget that mum and I saw Adele, who let me tell you was way more amazing than I could ever have imagined. We managed to be front row of the standing bit and it was such an incredible experience. She truly is an amazing artist with so much talent.


In early June the new Pure Gym opened across the road from our flat which means that we can finally put our memberships to good use. I am not all that into exercise but I am trying to improve my fitness and I do genuinely want to feel better in myself too. I am on a mission to get fit and feel healthy and I have actually been really enjoying going to the gym a couple of times a week. I am yet to join in with the classes as I'm totally self conscious but it will come in time too. There is also a ladies only area which I have recently tried which is amazing for us girls who are a little self conscious of going to the gym. Here's to it becoming a hobby for me in the future eh?! #thisgirlcan


June has been a month filled with lots of quality time spent with family and friends. As I mentioned before I spent a lovely weekend in London with family and friends, I've been to Manchester to see more friends for a weekend of drinking, bbq's and lots of laughs. I caught up with an old friend from work which was as lovely as always and spent time with current colleagues too for Friday FAP (friday after payday drinks). I got to spend time one on one with my dad when we went for a 6 mile walk in Lancashire for Fathers Day and I've just spent a lovely weekend with my mum watching Adele in London with a short but sweet catch up with my friend. It has been so perfect and I've loved every minute of it. Friends and family are SO important so make sure you cherish the ones you have.

Ok so let's discuss Adele. She was insane. Like so amazing. I've seen Beyonce before and she was unreal and I didn't think any other artist would sound so amazing live like her but Adele surpassed my expectations. She was just incredible. The best concert I've ever been to and with the best company. Mum and I rocked up right on time at 6pm as per the instructions from Wembley and to our shock we literally didn't que once we waltzed in, bought a very over priced glass of wine each and skipped off down the steps into the arena. We had standing tickets so we didn't expect to be anywhere near the front but we were ok with that; we were just there for the experience. However, after entering the stadium we just walked up to the FRONT ROW of the standing area and stood eagerly for 2 hours in anticipation waiting for the show to start. I'm not going to lie my feet were killing by the time her eyes on the screen finally opened and "hello" blasted out the speakers but the company of our new friends in the crowd helped pass the time and it was well worth the wait. It made the experience so much more amazing being so close and she was just so amazing. If you ever get the chance again to see her, grab that opportunity (hopefully this tour isn't her last).

Who's been watching Love Island?! If you haven't where the hell have you been? Have you been living under a rock? It literally seems like the most talked about TV show and my twitter feed is just constant comments on the current series. I LOVE it. I've got to say I'm addicted and I'm so invested in the programme. For those of you who don't know what Love Island is, it's basically a reality TV show where numerous girls and boys are put into a villa in Majorca and it's about finding love (the winning couple also wins £50,000 cash). There are lots of challenges, twists and a lot of kissing. It's just great! My favourites are Camilla (obvs, I mean she's just a queen) and Montana because well she's just BAE. I do like Gabby and Marcel too but it's just started getting interesting these last couple of episodes so it's deffo worth a watch!

I have loved blogging throughout the month of June. I have been trying to keep to my schedule of 3 posts a week and I am pretty pleased with myself. I just need to up my game in terms of photography and also promoting my posts on social media because that's something I just never do! I have so many amazing posts coming up though so be excited (think New York baby!)

I have been loving my rose gold headphones that Jay bought me for my Birthday back in February. I'd not really had much of a chance to use them up until the Gym opened but now they're like my favourite thing. One, they look cute and two they genuinely have really good sound and it cancels out the background noise too. I can't wait to take them on the plane to New York with me, they will be great for the 8 hour flight.

I suffer from very dry skin as some of you might know and in the summer I feel as though it gets worse and much more noticeable. I picked up some Nivea Moisturiser just because it was on offer and I have loved it every since. It's so nourishing and really sinks into my skin. It's improved my dry skin loads and I would highly recommend.

I bought this ripped denim jacket about half way through June and I haven't stopped wearing it since. I have wanted an oversized jacket for absolutely ages but could never find the right one. When I went up to London with my family, I wore a little dress and it got rather chilly in the evening so I borrowed my Dads black denim jacket and I just fell in love with the style. I then came across this amazing one for £20 .. such a bargain!

What were your June favourites?!


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