On the 1st August 2017 my Mum and Dad celebrated their 25 Silver Wedding Anniversary. 25 years of marriage, I know can you believe it? What an incredible achievement that is. I wanted to write this post to say firstly, congratulations to my parents. You've created a beautiful family (if I do say so myself!) and you are both incredible role models to both Chess, Con and I. I love you with all my heart and always will. And secondly; to share with you all some pictures from the amazing party/day we all had celebrating last weekend.

As 25 years is such a incredible achievement of course mum and dad knew there was only one way to celebrate; with a Dolan party!! If you know my family you know they don't do things by halves and this was certainly no exception. Mum took the event planning in her stride and with the additional help from me, we put on a fantastic day of celebrations.

We started off the celebrations with close family and friends at the church were they got married 25 years ago where they renewed their vows. We then continued on with the celebrations with afternoon tea in our garden with music, lots of laughter and endless magnums of prosecco. My dad's cousin made a replica version of mum and dad's wedding cake and we all enjoyed hours in the sunshine catching up. Then onto the evening do; a night filled with more family and friends, sore feet from all the dancing, an amazing live band and lots more shots and prosecco. Honestly, it was an amazing evening and I am still buzzing from it all.

I want to say a big shout out to mum and dad for all your hard work with organising it and making it an unforgettable evening. My brother con for making it back in one piece from Africa and arriving just in time for afternoon tea. My twinny Chess for drinking LOTS of prosecco and dancing all night with me. The Tea Caddy Ladies who were incredibly talented and served us with a fabulous afternoon tea which was so so so nice. I highly recommend them for weddings, birthday or any occasion. They're based in Leeds but travelled to Liverpool for the Occasion. Captains of Industry who provided hours of live music, got everyone up dancing and resulted in many sore feet and no voice in the morning. They are incredible. And a massive thank you to each any everyone who turned up and joined the party. I had the best time catching up with family, friends and dancing the night away. BIG LOVE TO THE DOLAN FAM.


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