Can you believe I graduated just under a year ago and this time last year I'd finished university and had started my first graduate job? It is so crazy to think how fast time is going!

As some of you will know if you have read my university post then you will know that I didn't always have the best time at Uni and there was a point where I didn't think I'd even finish the course but I came out the other end and had the most insane experience with the best people despite a small down period.

I had a part time job throughout the whole of university and at one point in my final year it got too much and I wanted to focus on my degree but after everything that was thrown at me, I managed to survive and I only went and got a first class honours degree didn't I?! (I AM CLEVER WOOO!) I thought I would share with you today my tips on how to survive at Uni since there will be a lot of you starting in your first year in September and I hope this will help you feel a little more relaxed and excited to start the best three/four years of your life.

Freshers week for me was a whirlwind. It went SO fast and I was so so nervous before I arrived at my Uni flat because I was so scared I wasn't going to make friends, but I promise you though, everyone is in the same boat and feels exactly the same. Don't worry just be yourself and you will have the best time. I was lucky because at my University we were able to find out some of our flatmates before arriving which definitely put me at ease! My advise for freshers week is to do as much as you can. Get your new flatmates together and visit freshers fair and collect all the good old freebies (yep, I did get one of those Fuck me I'm a fresher posters that took pride of place on my gross green Uni walls). Go on nights out with friends - we did a zoo bar crawl, paint parties, white parties; there is something for everyone!

I know it's hard to budget at University, believe me there were times when my budget went completely out the window (especially during freshers) but it is good to try and aim to stick to one. I budgeted in the simplest of ways (I am NOT good at accounting - you know what I'm saying Dad) so I basically looked at all my money coming in (wages from my job, my student loan etc) and then looked at what would be going out each month (rent, food, money for nights out etc). I tried to keep my food shops small and cheap (I usually spent around £20 a week maximum and bought my meat/fish from the butchers) and tried to pre drink before nights out to save money.

I would highly recommend joining a society if you have a hobby that you love. This is probably one of my biggest regrets because I wish I'd had a chance to have another group of friends and do something I enjoy. Societies give you some many opportunities, trips away and society nights out, well worth it if you ask me.

If you get the chance, I would 100 million percent urge you to do a placement year. It was the best experience and gave me the industry knowledge and experience I needed to go into my final year. I worked in Manchester so it wasn't too far from Sheffield but I lived on my own in a little one bed flat and I didn't know anyone in the city so it was quite lonely. It was certainly challenging but the best experience and one I'll always be thankful for. I made some many amazing memories.

I only really took this advice in my final year of Uni because I was determined to prove to myself and people around me that I could do it and I could get a good mark but I would advise you all to treat your experience like a 9-5 job. It's so important to get a good work/life balance so get up early and sit at your desk between 9am and 5pm. Whether you're in Uni at lectures in between or you've got a day off, make sure you're doing uni work because you will take so much more in and you will see a big difference in your grades. I wish I'd done this throughout the whole of Uni but it's also very important to enjoy yourself too so when it hits 5pm then it's time to relax.

The most important tip is to enjoy it because you don't get opportunities like that often. Embrace the challenges, go on the nights out and study in the library. You will thank me. Here's to the best three/four years of your life. I'm SO jealous.

Are any of you starting University this year? Or have you been and got any tips? Leave a comment below!


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