As some of you will know if you follow me on twitter, my boyfriend and I are off to Krakow soon (well hopefully, that's if Ryan Air don't cancel our flights!) I absolutely love going away on mini weekend breaks and I am really excited to get away. I've never been to Poland before but I'd heard lots of good things about it and I am particularly excited to go and visit the cat cafe (obv, life goals).

Anyway.. when it comes to packing for a city break, I find it can be quite challenging because you can only take a VERY small amount of hand luggage (thanks Ryan Air you nob) and all your liquids have to be under 100ml too however I have picked up a few tips and tricks along the way and thought that I would share some with you today.


We're off to Krakow for 4 days and 3 nights so that means I need 7 outfit choices. The weather is going to be dry so I'm going to take outfits that are comfy but layers in case it's colder. I want to take a couple of dresses, a skirt, one pair of jeans and some nice tops. I usually take bottoms that I can switch and change to evening outfits too, which helps me to cut down my outfits! I am taking my ripped denim jacket as well as my aviator jacket and one jumper in case the weather is on the cold side. I always take one small bag which I use for both day and evening and take 2 pairs of shoes (usually trainers and boots) - comfort is key. Obviously I'll be taking one pair of Pyjamas (I like to take lightweight PJ's as I get hot in the night) and then the standard underwear etc!

Accessories & random crap:

For Accessories I'll be taking both my sunglasses and a woolly hat (you never know with the weather these days!) along with my Pandora rings, a necklace and some earrings too. I usually take my IPhone and my IPad for the plane journey, along with my notepad and pen to write down my blog post ideas if I feel inspired. My aim during this trip is to take lots of photos so I can feature them all in a post - I also want to print them and add them to my scrapbook too!

When it comes to packing my makeup for a city break I try to take the minimal amount of stuff needed (it never really ends up like this but I try!) I usually wear the same make up during the day and smoke out the eyes for the evening look so most of my make up doubles up which helps with the packing. I have to take all liquids under 100ml so taking minimal foundation/concealer/primer etc is a must.

For the base I like to take my benefit porefessional primer along with my L'Oreal Magique foundation. I also take my trustee collection concealer which is good for covering my dark circles. I have quite dry skin so I never wear powder but I do LOVE a good contour and highlight. I will be taking my Sleek contour kit along with my Collection Bronzing stick and then using the highlighter in the sleek palette too. I normally take one foundation brush, my sponge and a contour brush too. I will be taking a pair of lashes for the evening (I've been loving the KISS lashes at the moment and my L'Oreal Paradise mascara for the daytime which I LOVE. For eye shadow I like to have options so in order to combat the issue of space I go for palettes; my favourite at the moment is the Urban Decay Naked Heat palette. I love the warm shades and they are perfect for the autumn/winter. I also take a couple of lipsticks (usually a nude colour and a berry tone - obv autumnal vibes) and the lip liners to go with them too.

Toiletries & Skincare
For skincare I'm going to try and only take the essentials; for me that's my Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream, my make up remover wipes (don't shoot me - only for ease of removing the crap from my face in the first instance), my cleansing oil and XX moisturiser - I usually take my L'Oreal Paris Hydra Genius moisturiser but it's in a glass bottle so I can't take it in my hand luggage which I'm gutted about!

What are your city break essentials? If you have any tips, let me know below in the comments!


  1. I hate packing minimally I feel like I'm going to forget something important, but I usually pack everything you've stated! Hope you have a wonderful trip, I've always wanted to visit Krakow! x


    1. Thank you, it was so lovely to get away! You should definitely go, so cheap and the food is delicious!!