MY DAD IS COOLER THAN YOURS. Ok yes, that is a bold statement to make but does your dad go to Glastonbury at the age of 54?! (sorry dad, I'm not saying your old or anything but...) Does your Dad get a tattoo in the middle of his mid life crisis? On a serious note though my Dad is the best and because today is his birthday I wanted to dedicate this post to him. Here are 15 reasons why I Love my dad and why he's the coolest.

1. He's always supportive no matter what

2. He works SO hard

3. He tells good stories (I get that from you dad ;))

4. He always puts our family first

5. He loves music

6. He still goes to Glasto at the young age of 54!

7. He got his first tattoo last year during his mid life crisis (joking about the mid life crisis) but yeah I
think that's really cool

8. He has the best laugh

9. He plays a mean rendition of Ed Sheran "thinking out loud" on guitar (by mean rendition I mean he sounds like a strangled cat but it makes me laugh nonetheless)

10. Both my mum and dad are my role models

11. He always makes me smile

12. He's my best friend

13. I love our deep chats during our father daughter walks or car rides

14. He's the best accounting teacher (throwback to second year of uni when we nearly killed each other trying to do my accounting assignment)

15. Most of all he's taught me to just be me; honest, driven and kind and I love him the most for believing in me when I don't believe in myself.

I love you lots Dad. Have the best birthday, you deserve it as always. Here's to making many more memories and celebrating more birthdays.


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