Now that summer is officially over and we're nearing into the winter season, I have changed up my skincare routine to help combat my severe dry skin in the cold weather. During the autumn/winter I like to use lots of hydrating products and I tend to treat my skin to a face mask once a week (usually on a Sunday when I have a pamper evening).

I have been trying recently to avoid wearing make up when I'm not doing anything and to keep it to a minimum when I go to work, so if I'm wearing any I like to take it off as soon as I get home from work. To take off my make up I use a large cotton pad with my Garnier cleansing milk which is perfect for dry, sensitive skin. I definitely prefer a cream based cleanser because it feels much more gentle on my skin and this one is so soothing.

Once I've removed all my make up and any dirt left on my face I use my toner. Again, I use the Garnier toner from the simply essentials range. It is enriched with soothing water lily extract and has no perfume or alcohol so is great for sensitive skin. My skin always feels refreshed and smooth after using this.

After toner I lather on my moisturiser. I switch it up every now and again but at the moment I've been loving the L'Oreal hydra genius. It's basically enriched with aloe water which helps lock in the moisture and I use it in place of a moisturiser. It's great for dry sensitive skin - thanks for the recommendation Emmy! I do also like the Nivea moisturisers too. I also sometimes mix in some of my facial oil from the body shop, which gives it that extra moisture.

Once a week I use my Body Shop Charcoal mask during a pamper session. I use this mask to help draw out the impurities and make my skin glow. My face tingles when I first apply it but then it settles and once removed it leaves me with really smooth soft skin.

Finally after a face mask, I usually tackle any nasty spots that have cropped up on my face. For this, I don't use a specific spot cream, I simply use Sudocrem which does the job every time. I basically lather it onto the problem areas and let it sink in. I also apply my favourite ever lip balm; The Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. It is amazing (check out my review here) and my hand cream from the body shop.

I follow this skincare routine every evening during the winter and use the face mask on a Ssunday. During the mornings I tend to just cleanse and moisturise as I much prefer to have an extra half hour in bed!! What do you guys use in your skincare routines? Leave me any suggestions for dry skin below.


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