We're a week into October and I'm getting rather Christmassy thinking about all the presents to buy everyone and booking in all the Christmas plans. Anyway Christmas aside I thought I'd share with you my favourite blog posts that I've loved this week. I'm loving discovering more bloggers too so leave me your links below! I might even start a series on the blog and do a monthly blogger favourites? What do you think?! I might even feature you in there one day!

I've had a few shit days at work where I've gone in and then something has happened which has put me in a bad mood for the rest of the day. If you've been feeling like that lately too then you need to read Helen's post about turning a shit morning into a good afternoon.

I absolutely LOVE this post from Gracie. She is an inspiring woman and this post is raw and personal. I like reading posts that come from the heart and this one certainly does.

Although I've never been in a long distance relationship as such (my boyfriend and I did Sheffield-Manchester for a year), I know many friends and family who have and this post demonstrates the reality of them; focusing on the good and the bad.
I love autumn and always need an excuse to shop for new clothes or accessories so this post is a great one for the online shopper who only need to see a link to a gorgeous product to end up buying it.

This hot chocolate recipe sounds incredible. I love winter; the cold drinks, leaves on the floor and endless hot chocolates. I love trying new concoctions and this one looks divine.

I have just bought a new camera and cannot wait to get cracking with learning how to use it and make my photography better to help my blog improve. This post is a great one for help with making the photos look a bit more extravagant so they stand out. It's all about utilising colour. A very interesting read!

I love this post from Hannah. No one needs negativity in their lives and we should all be living a positive and happy one so it's time to banish the internet negativity and get rid of the trolls in this world. Also, I just LOVE Hannah, go check her out if you haven't already!
Which posts have you been loving this week? Let me know in the comments below as I'd love to read some more and discover new bloggers.


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