It's no secret that I'm a beauty addict. I love all things beauty and have collected a fair amount of make up over the years. Having tried and tested lots of products I've grown to love a few items more than the rest and I'd go as far as saying I couldn't live without them. They're my go to holy grail items and if you've not tried them yourselves then you need to head down to your local beauty store to test them out.

L'Oreal Gel Moisturiser
This moisturiser changed my skin. You might thing "oh, it's a drugstore brand, how can it be that good" but you'd be surprised. The gel like consistency adds more moisture to the skin and keeps my skin from feeling dry and dull making it glowing and nourished. It's so cheap and lasts a long time; I use it every day morning and evening and a full bottle can last a good couple of months because a little goes a long way.

Estee Lauder Double Wear
Before I tried this foundation, I'd heard a lot of good things about it and wasn't surprised when I tested it myself and had the same reaction as everyone else. I have quite dry skin and am always sceptical when trying new foundations as I'm worried that they'll make my skin more dry rather than glowing however this product is brilliant. It's a heavy coverage and lasts all day long too. I like the consistency and the colour range is good too. I would recommend if you're looking for a new foundation that's on a high end scale.

L'Oreal Paradise Mascara
I was recently looking for a new mascara and had heard a lot about the Better than Sex Mascara from Too Faced and how amazing it was, however I wasn't willing to justify the price tag for a mascara so after some research about dupes at the drugstore I came across the L'Oreal Paradise Mascara which is a fraction of the price. This mascara is amazing! I honestly couldn't believe the difference of my lashes. I like how it's not a clumpy consistence, it applies evenly but gives volume as well as length. If this is anything to go by then the Better than Sex Mascara must be incredible. I would seriously recommend trying out L'Oreal's steal!

Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream
My trustee Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream is a skincare staple for me. If my skin is feeling dry, I get this bad boy out. I often suffer from cracked lips in the winter months and this helps me so much. It makes my lips feel smooth and moisturised but it doesn't have a sticky consistency. It's on the pricey side, but it's 100% worth the money because the tube lasts forever. I love this stuff.

Collection Concealer
If you haven't head of the collection concealer, then where have you been hiding for the last four years? Dubbed as the Urban Decay Naked Skin dupe, it's an affordable alternative but with high end results. I have always been a big fan of the concealer and have been repurchasing it for a number of years now. I always buy the latest shade "01" which is great for under eye brightening.

L'Oreal Colour Riche Lipstick
I picked up this L'Oreal Lipstick one random Saturday when I stumbled into Superdrug and ended up buying endless amounts of make up and about 15 new lipsticks. I'd never tried this range from L'Oreal but I certainly would in the future. This colour is the perfect nude pink shade and has a creamy consistency when applied on the lips. I love how it lasts and it's my go to lip colour.

MAC Gold Deposit Bronzing Highlighter
Gold Deposit gives me all the summer feels but all year round. It's not only perfect for during the summer months, but I wear it on a night out during the winter too. It gives off such a nice bronzy glow and is buildable too. It doubles up as a gorgeous autumnal eye shadow shade and is very pigmented. I will always love this highlighter.

What are your holy grail beauty products? Let me know because I'd love to try some of your recommendations too!


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