The autumn season is in full swing so it's time to embrace those burgundy shades and switch out the brights colours for the nudes, bronze and mustard shades. I used to be an avid acrylics girl but it got to the point where I couldn't really afford to keep it up every 2 weeks and my natural nails were becoming weak so I decided to throw the towel in and embrace my short and stumpy natural nails! In order to try and make myself feel more girly again I like to paint my nails once a week (usually on a Sunday). During the winter months I embrace the seasonal colours and find myself leaning towards the berry shades, browns, bronzey golds and the navy blue. Today I'm sharing with you my top picks. I have my own gel nail kit at home too so I often use normal nail polishes and then use my gel top coat to ensure the polish lasts.

Autumn Nail Polish

 Essence Gel Nail Polish Need your Love 
I think this is my favourite autumnal nail polish. If you know me or you've been following me for a while, you'll know I'm obsessed with the shade burgundy and this is a deep burgundy colour which is part of the darks collection. I bought this in Wilko's which is somewhere I've never thought of buying makeup before and I'm pleasantly surprised by the Essence brand too. This gel polish makes your nails look shiny and lasts for a long time too which is great.

Barry M Black
I rarely wear black nail varnish on my hands as appose to my toe nails but in the autumn/winter months it feels totally appropriate to wear it. This is a true black shade and after two even coats gives a deep opaque shade of black. I love Barry M Nail varnishes and would recommend this one (great for Halloween too).

Elite 99 Gel Polish Glitter Colour GC024
I only ever really wear glitter polishes in the autumn/winter because it gets me in the christmassy mood and excited for the festivities. This grey/blue toned polish is great for this season. You definitely need a couple of coats to get the true opaque colour but it's buildable and would look great on an accent nail too with grey polish on the other nails.

Barry M Hi-Shine Nail Paint Blue Grape

Another Barry M favourite is the Blue Grape in the Hi-Shine range. It's a gel polish so gives a nice shine once applied. It's a gorgeous deep blue shade and very pigmented, event after one coat. It's a great transitional colour for this time of year and it makes me hold onto the summer vibes for a bit longer as it's so bright.

Autumn Nail Polish

Elite 99 Gel Polish 1852

This glitter polish gives me ALL the christmassy feels. It screams out Christmas to me and makes me SO excited for the festivities. This polish is beautiful on an accent nail and really buildable. I do find that you need 3 or 4 coats for the full opaque colour but as a top coat you could get away with 1 or 2.

Bluesky Gel Polish A13

Another Christmassy polish is this Bluesky Gel colour which is a deep pinky red. I love this all year round but it feels so appropriate to wear during this autumn/winter season. It looks amazing with the red glitter top coat over the top too.

Revlon Colourstay Rich Raspberry

I love this raspberry pink colour even though it's not that autumnal, it's got the purple tinge to it and looks lovely on the nails. It is so opaque, you literally need 1 coat and you're good to go and the Revlon polishes dry so quickly too. Highly recommend.

Autumn Nail Polish

Barry M Gelly Hi Shine Acai Smoothy

This pink shade is the perfect balance between nude and pink and looks so nice with a bit of a tan too. Again, this is very opaque and only needs 1 coat and gives a shine to the nails with it being a gel polish.

Collection Lasting Colour Gel Antique Rose

This is one of my all time favourite nude polishes. It's a terracotta brown shade and screams autumn. I love the gel finish (again a running theme in my faves) and I like how it dries so quickly. I love this a lot.

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Like a Nude

This is what I'd describe as a ballet pink nude shade. It's quite sheer so needs work to build the colour but it applies really evenly. This is actually from one of their ranges released in the summer but I'm breaking the rules and bringing it back in the winter!!

Essence Across the Universe
This polish screams sci-fi to me. I love the fact that it's a bit different and I've never seen one like this before. It's got a pinky silver tone with shades of green, gold and blue in it. It reminds me of a mermaid or alien.

Revlon Scandalous
I like wearing this polish on top of black nail varnish but it is wearable on it's own too if you build the colour. It's a black polish with large purple sparkles in it. I like wearing this as it gets towards the Christmas period as it makes me excited for the festivities and it a nice twist on the plain black nails.

What are your favourite polishes for this time of year? I'd love to know if you have any suggestions.


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