Christmas is only 8 days away!!!! Oh my god. I can't believe that another year is nearly over. It's gone so fast and I've achieved so much! Now that we're nearing 2018 I've been thinking about my goals for the new years and my bucket list of things I want to achieve. I loved writing my post last year so thought I'd review my 2017 bucket list before sharing with you my one for 2018 .. so here goes.

Book a holiday to Santorini
The first thing on my bucket list from last year was to book a holiday to Santorini. Now we're not starting off on a good foot because I didn't achieve this goal, however we did book our 2018 holiday to Rhodes which is close enough in my book! We will book Santorini one day but we're saving it for a special holiday. I'm so excited to go to Rhodes though, I've never been before but I've heard great things about it so expect some content around that in May 2018.

Move to Leeds
Jay and I moved to Leeds in February this year and it has been such a great decision. We both work in the city centre so it made perfect sense to rent a flat near the city centre and we honestly love it here. We've got some many lovely friends here and it's such a lovely city to live in so we're both really happy that we made the move here.

Join a gym and get a personal trainer
This one was half a success and half a fail. I did join a gym this year however I didn't get a personal trainer. We are really lucky where we live that a brand new 24 hour Pure Gym opened across the road in the summer so I finally joined a gym. It's so handy and means there is no excuses to going so that's definitely a positive. There is also a swimming pool at my new work (I start in January and I'm so excited!) so I am going to try and get into swimming too. I didn't get a PT because I figured that it was quite a significant expense and I no that where I am in my life at the moment with my current weight, it wouldn't be worth it because I want to make a difference to my body first and lose some fat before getting a PT to help me build and tone.

Go to a Christmas Market abroad
I was adamant last year that this would happen but life just got in the way and December is such a busy month that we simply just didn't get around to it. We might try and go next year but for now we've made do with the Leeds Christmas Market (it's a far cry from the ones abroad - but it's still cute and festive).

Go on a City break to either Prague, Amsterdam or Iceland with my boyfriend Jay.
Again, this kind of did happen but also didn't. Hear me out .. we didn't exactly go on a city break to any of the destinations above .. but we did go away to Krakow, Poland and we absolutely love it. We will definitely be booking another city break next year, Iceland is next on our list!!

Get to 400 followers on bloglovin
I've not completed this one yet - but I'm so close to hitting 400 on bloglovin. If you like reading my blog and want to be notified when I've posted then please follow me on bloglovin to help grant me a Christmas wish. I've worked so hard on improving my blog this year and my page views have increased significantly which is such a massive achievement for me and I'm really proud so please show me some love if you like my content. We're also so close to hitting 100,000 page views which is just mind blowing, so thank you to each and every person that reads my blog and supports me, it really means to much to me!!

Pass my driving test
I'm so excited to be able to say I FINALLY passed my driving test in November and I'm absolutely buzzing. It's such a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I'm so grateful to have received some money towards my lessons from work which helped me massively. Watch out drivers - I'm officially on the road!!!

Loose at least a stone
In 2017 I set myself a goal to loose a stone in weight. I have lost just short of a stone since the beginning of the year and I'm really proud of myself for making a small change in my life and seeing a difference. 2018 is my year to completely get into shape. I've got a new job which is closer to my flat which means I'll have more time before and after work to exercise and plan my meals so there is no excuses. Rhodes 2018 is also booked for May so my aim in the near future is to get fit for that trip so I feel happy in my body.

Did you have a 2017 bucket list? Have you achieved everything on yours? Let me know in the comments below!


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