It's nearly the end of 2018 which means it's time to set myself some goals for the New Year. I love setting myself goals because it helps me have something to aim for. I try to make them as realistic as possible so they're achievable but push me at the same time. Anyway, I love reading these types of posts so I thought today I'd share with you what mine are.

Loose Weight
I set myself a goal last year to loose a stone and I did loose just short of that goal over the course of the year but in 2018 I really want to knuckle down and stick to it. I'm starting a new job in January which is a lot closer to my flat so I want to try and go to the Gym more often after work. They also have a swimming pool at work so I want to try and swim more because I really enjoy it and miss going. I am going to a wedding in Rhodes in 2018 and I'm really excited for it but obviously I want to look my best so May 2018 is the goal to have lost some more weight and toned up. I'm going to stick to slimming world meals during the week and try and eat out less. I really want this new job to be my starting point to shifting the weight (and hopefully there won't be endless amounts of food at the end of my desk like my last work did!)

Make a good first impression in my new job
I am so excited to start my new job in January and I want to make a really good first impression. I have always wanted to work in the NHS and do events and I'm so lucky that this opportunity came up and they picked me to join their team. I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in and meeting lots of new people and learning about the role.

Develop my event management skills
I love my career and love learning and developing new skills so I am determined to work as hard as I can to develop my current skills and gain new ones so that I can further develop within the industry I love.

Do another qualification
I would love to do a Prince 2 qualification to help me gain project management skills and knowledge and I'd love to do another course in events to further develop my knowledge of the industry and trends with exhibition stands etc.

Network with industry professionals
Obviously starting a new job means being able to work with new people who are well established in the industry. I'm excited to network with colleagues and build relationships in both events and the NHS.

Increase my Bloglovin Followers
I'm currently at 377 as I write this and have always struggled to grow on this platform but I'd love to get to 450 followers by the end of 2018. I am determined to learn more about how to increase my growth and improve my content.

Reach 150,000 views on my Blog
I'm very close to reaching 100,000 views on my blog and I'm hoping to reach that goal by my birthday in February however I'd love to reach 150,000 by the end of the year. I've seen a significant growth over the past couple of months and I've worked hard to grown my audience base so want to work on improving even more in the next year.

Improve my DA (domain authority) by the end of 2018.
Domain Authority is a funny thing and I always find it's hard to increase the number but I'd like to be at 25 by the end of 2018. I'm currently at 20 so we've got to work hard to get there but I think I might be able to do it?

Focus on improving my instagram content
I don't really utilise Instagram with my blog but I want to change that in 2018. I am determined to focus on posting photos relating to my blog posts more often and trying to increase my followers. I'm currently at 567 and would like to hit 1000 by the end on 2018.

Connect with more brands

In 2017 I have worked with a few really exciting brands and I hope to continue to work with more brands in 2018 and improve my content. I love working with brands and feel so proud that my little corner of the internet can do that. I am really proud that brands want to work with me.

Make more blogging friends

I love the blogging community and I love how I have made so many friends even though we haven't met yet. I am hoping to meet up with some of them in 2018 but also would love to form new friendships too so we can help and support one another doing what we love. 

What are your goals for 2018? Let me know in the comments below, you'll help inspire me. I'm excited for a new year to start and to smash my goals in the New Year.



  1. I wish you the very best achieving your goals in 2018.
    All the best with your new job.


    1. Thank you Fehintola, I've followed your blog, love your layout - would love it if you followed mine on Bloglovin too.

      Katie XX

    2. Hey Katie, I'm following you on Bloglovin'. And thank you for following my blog 😊❤

  2. These are some really good goals for the new year! I am sure you’ll be amazing at your new job! X

  3. You've some great goals for 2018 and I wish you all the best! My goals for 2018 include blogging more, getting over my fear of driving to get my drivers license and losing weight/getting fit. Just had baby number 2 so want to get healthy and back in shape to keep up with both kids.

    1. Thank you - I hope you achieve your goals too. We all need to motivate each other in 2018!

      Katie XX