Christmas is all about sharing the love and giving back and I want to do just that. Earlier this week I went with colleagues to visit some residents at one of the local Care Homes in Leeds to spend some time with them and give them all some treats. It's so important to share the love and that's what I'm doing today by sharing with you my favourite bloggers of 2017!

Gemma Louise
I've been following Gemma for a while now and she is such a genuine and down to earth girl. I love following her journey being a mum to Reuben and seeing his development updates on her blog. He is the cutest little thing and Gemma is such an amazing mum and role model. Her blog photography is beautiful and she has such a talent for it too. The content of her blog is so engaging and she is one of those blogger who I eagerly wait for the upload and there isn't a post that I don't enjoy reading. She deserves so much more recognition for her work because she puts so much effort in. If you haven't read her blog before then I highly recommend it.

I only discovered Holly earlier this year through following her sister Naomi for a while. Holly runs a vegan blog and is an award winning food blogger. I'm not vegan so might not have found her blog if it wasn't for Naomi, however I'm so glad I did. She is SO talented when it comes to baking and her photography and content again is incredible. She has improved so much this last year and I've seen the blog grow so much. She is amazing.

Kasie is another recent discovery this year but I am SO glad I found her blog. If you're into beauty and you appreciate good photography then you will love her blog. She puts so much effort into her work and this clearly shows. Go and check her out! P.s she is so pretty!!

Dena is one of my favourite girls. I've been following her for ages but this year we started chatting on twitter and she's so supportive of my blog. She is so kind and she doesn't know how good her blog is. She has very similar taste to me and blogs about beauty, fitness and general life. She deserves so many more followers so if you don't follow her, please go and share the love. I hope to meet up with her in 2018 because she doesn't live too far away from me and we've been meaning to do it for ages!!

Jasmine is another blogger with a beauty focused blog and her content makes me instantly want to go out and buy whatever she's talking about! Again, Jasmine's photography is to die for and her reviews are honest and genuine. I love reading her blog and I know so many of you guys will too.

Erin is a blogger who I've followed for a while and always loved but this year I've been drawn to her blog more than ever. The thing I love and admire about Erin is that she posts five times a week. She works incredibly hard and this shows in her content. I'm sure you'll all know her but if you don't follow her go and show her some love.

Emmy Writes About
I found Emmy's blog through Dena and I am so glad I did. Emmy has a similar style blog to me in that she writes about beauty, lifestyle and shares some baking recipes too. If you like reading my blog then you'll love hers too. I love her story and how she got into blogging due to an unfortunate accident and she's so inspirational. She's a fellow North West girl so takes me back to my routes and I just love her as a person! Go give her a follow!

Jemma's blog is so bright and fun and I am ALWAYS drawn to her photos when they come up in my feed. Jemma is an award winning blogger and I'm not surprised because she brings out amazing content again and again and again. She is someone I look up to as a blogger and she inspires me to grow and develop my blog. She is fab so go and follow her.

The best thing about blogging for me is that I've found some incredible blogs over the last year and make some great friendships too. I love nothing more than having my own little corner of the internet and I know how hard it is to grow on this platform so I thought it was important to share my favourite bloggers of the year so you guys can go and check them out and support them too. So many bloggers get little recognition for how hard they work and it's so important to support us smaller bloggers! Who have you been loving this year? I'd love to know. Please share your blogs in the comments so I can check out more of you amazing talented bloggers.



  1. Aaaah thank you so so much lovely! Seriously so kind of your to give me a mention! 💛💛 I’ll need to add your blog into my “must reads” for future, so lovely 💛💛💛

    1. Ahh you're welcome, your content inspires me so much! XX

  2. Aww this is amazing, and so many other girls I love here. Thank you so much for featuring me this is so sweet and means so much! Xxx

    1. You're all amazing and I love how fab your photography is too - you've inspired me to sort my photography out in 2018!! XX