The festive season is in full swing so we need to be looking our best for all the parties! It's my boyfriends work Christmas party on Friday and I've been invited too so I've started the preparation early! It's so important to establish your beauty regime early on and ensure your skin is feeling super smooth ready for the big event. Today I'm sharing with you the steps I take in preparing my skin for the party season.

Prepare those pins!
The first step in my prep before a party is to shave my pins. I want to start using an epilator in 2018 to see if that makes a difference to the growth of the hairs but for now I stick to my trustee razor. I usually shave my legs 2 days before the event so that my skin is able to breathe before putting on my tan the night before. Next I exfoliate the skin. This is such an important step if you're going to be tanning your skin. I use my favourite soap and glory sugar scrub and a loafer to remove my dead skin. The following day I will apply my false tan. My favourite is the Cocoa Brown 1 hour tan. I like to apply this before I go to bed and wash it off in the morning so it goes a deep brown. This tan applies so evenly on my skin and is never patchy either.

Paint your Nails
During the festive season I love getting my nails done. I always get my acrylics done during Christmas ans love the typical seasonal colours and lots of glitter (of course). I do my toes myself because I hate feet and the thought of anyone touching mine makes me feel sick but I always tend to go with black.

Put some moisture back in the skin
In order to combat my dry skin during the cold winter months I use my trustee L'Oreal Moisturising Gel. I use the morning and night after I've cleansed my skin. I also use my new favourite skincare product; the BodyShop Oil of Life facial oil every evening and it has made my skin feel incredible. I will be reviewing it on my blog soon so keep an eye out but seriously if you haven't check it out before, I highly recommend.

What do you do to prepare for the party season? Let me know in the comments below and don't forget to follow me to keep up to date with more of my posts!


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