Merry Christmas Eve guys! I'm so so excited for all the festive fun tomorrow. I'm spending Christmas with my boyfriend’s family this year and I'm really excited. Tonight we're off out for dinner and to the cinema but as soon as I'm home I'll be digging out my face mask from my suitcase and having myself a pamper evening. I thought today I'd share with you my Christmas Eve pamper evening as some of you might want to have one too.

1. Dig out the new Christmas Pj's!
The first and most important step of the Christmas Eve pamper routine is getting out your festive Pj's! I buy mine from Primark of course!! Mine are a red tartan and they scream ultimate Christmas! If I was at home with my family this year I'd usually get them some matching ones too just so we can be even more extra!!

2. Light all the candles and put all the fairy lights on!
It's no secret that I love my fairy lights and my flat in Leeds is full of them (much to Jays disgrace!) I love how the twinkle in the lights make me feel so festive so when I’m having a pamper evening it’s very important to ensure there are lots of candles lit in the room. Jays mum is like me and loves her Yankee candles so our candle of choice this year is spiced orange!!

3. Have a relaxing bath
I love having a bath on Christmas Eve as it helps to relax me and gives me time to sit and reflect. I love using bath bombs and my favourite this year has been Lush’s Golden Wonder as always!

4. Cleanse your face and put on your face mask
After my bath I always cleanse my face before putting on my face mask of choice; my favourite is the BodyShop Charcoal mask.
5. Christmas films, chocolate & a cup of tea
To finish off the pampering, it’s time to sit down and choose your favourite Christmas film to watch. My favourites are Love Actually, The Holiday and Elf – such classic feel good films. When you’ve picked your favourite, you’ve got to choose some chocolate to munch on and then make yourself a nice cup of tea and enjoy the film.

When I spend Christmas at home we usually open one present from under the tree after we’ve been to midnight mass but this year I’m waiting until Christmas day.

I hope you’re all as excited for tomorrow as me! Remember, get some shut eye otherwise Santa might not pop in! Let me know in the comments below how you spend your Christmas Eve!



  1. Candles and fairy lights are an essential for a pamper night. I hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas xxx

    1. You can't beat a good set of fairy lights & I got so many candles for Christmas too :) Hope you enjoyed the festivities too.

      Katie XX