It's the 07 December and I've got the festive bug (literally!) I've been feeling pretty poorly recently but yesterday I started to feel extremely Christmassy so I thought whilst I'm in the mood I'd do the Christmas tag!

What's your favorite Christmas film?
I think my all time favourite is Notting Hill but with The Holiday a close 2nd! I always feel SO Christmassy when I watch them and when my twin sister and I used to both live at home we would sit together and watch it by the fire whilst wrapping presents! It reminds me so much of growing up and they're both just the perfect festive light hearted romantic comedy's.

What's your favorite Christmas TV special?

It's got to be the Royal Family. Growing up we used to watch this all the time! It's such a Christmas day/ Boxing day programme to watch!!

What's your favorite Christmas song(s)?

Oh God, I actually struggle so much to pick just a few! I did a post about my top Christmas tunes last year but my all time favourite is probably All I Want for Christmas - it gives me all the feels!

What's your favorite Christmas Book/Story?

I never really read Christmas books but I would probably say T'was the Night before Christmas because it reminds me of my childhood!

What's your favorite Christmas clothing item?

Obviously I'm going to have to say my Christmas Jumper. I have a few different ones but my all time favourite is the one with a Christmas pudding on!

What's your favorite lip color for Christmas?

I love red at Christmas time however it doesn't suit me much so I always tend to gravitate towards nudes/browns.

What's your favorite blush for the Season?
I don't tend to wear blush I'm much more of a bronzer girl but I love my Makeup Revolution palette in Golden Rush.

What's your favorite Christmas candle?

I've got two favourites; either Cranberry Ice by Yankee Candle or Vanilla Cupcake by Yankee Candle. They smell divine!!!

What's your favorite Christmas scent?

Definitely Vanilla!! Or the smell of Gingerbread! Mmmm!!

What's your favorite Starbucks Christmasy drink?

I'm not a fan of coffee so I'd definitely choose a Hot Chocolate - my favourite is probably the Fudge one!! 

What's your favorite Christmas baked treat?

I LOVE Terry's Chocolate Oranges and I made some cupcakes that taste SO good! I've shared the recipe on the blog but they remind me so much of the festive season!

What's your favorite food at Christmas dinner?

The roast potatoes and the stuffing! I just love Christmas dinner in general. So excited to eat so much over the festive season!!

What's your favorite drink for the season?

Hot Chocolate for sure! You can't beat a good hot chocolate with marshmallows during the cold festive season! I do also love a good cup of tea!

I TAG... all of you! If anyone reading this want's to give this tag a go then please share your posts in the comments below!