It's no secret that being an events manager means you have to always be organised and that's definitely where my traits come from. I take after my mum who like me is an avid list writer and always hard at work. I post on my blog three times a week but in between those posts I'm updating my social media accounts, working full-time and having a social life too and it's hard work. Don't get me wrong I absolutely love what I do and wouldn't change anything but it's taken me a few years to master the art of being organised so I thought I'd share with you today some of my top tips for staying organised.


Lists are SO important and will become your best friend if you want to stay organised. When I'm at work I make to-do lists all the time and I do the same for my blog posts. I always write my ideas down so I have a list for blog post ideas, a list for what photos I need to take etc. Lists are a great way to help me keep on track of what posts I need to write up, which products need featuring that I've been sent and what photos are outstanding. Without lists my blog probably wouldn't even exist!


For Christmas this year I got five diaries. I think it's because people know I like to plan things and get important dates in the diary! I have a diary for work, one for the flat where Jay and I keep important dates in and one for my blog! I like to jot down what posts are going live when and document when I need to take photos too. I always try and take my photos in advance so I like to plan my photos around my weekends that are free so I can make better use of my time. I also schedule some tweets so again it's important for me to plan this into my evenings where I have less on.


I might make a lot of mess with my clothes flung around the bedroom and my shoes everywhere in the house however I don't like my work area being messy! I like to keep as little on my desk and have a place for the important things I need. I don't have a proper desk area at home, I usually use a corner of the Kitchen table but when I work from there I like to ensure I've got everything I need and it's tidy and in and orderly manner. Mess just makes me unproductive because I end up wasting 3 hours tidying the desk area before I do any work!!!


Being positive is so important. There are so many times I've been worked up about something and then it's made me so unproductive when I've come home or I wake up in a bad mood so my day continues like that. I have now learnt that being positive is the key to your success. If you feel yourself becoming less positive then stop what you're doing and take a break.


I think the most important part of being organised is doing things little and often. Don't stress yourself out by allocating one day a month to just get your diary up to date or take all your photos or clean the house. Do it all little and often and you'll find your life becoming more organised that little bit more every day.

There you have it - my tips for how I stay organised. I hope this has been helpful for some of you, whether that be at University, in your work life or with your blog. Let me know if you have any tips too.


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