As you can probably tell from the title, yesterday was my 24th birthday. Happy birthday me! I've accomplished so much over the last 24 years; I got myself a degree, got an amazing job, started my blog, met my boyfriend and made incredible memories so to celebrate my birthday I thought what better way than to share with you 24 things I've learnt in 24 years.

1. Believe in yourself.

2. Family are so important.

3. Your best friends have always got you back.

4. The older you get, the more homeware gifts you want for birthdays and christmas!

5. Work hard because you will thank yourself

6. Travel travel travel - see as much of the world as you can whilst you've got the time.

7. You have to experience some shit times in your life to overcome the bad and change your life.

8. Cheese is my guilty pleasure.

9. You should get a help to buy ISA as early on as possible *don't wait like we did*

10. Spice Girls the movie will always be the best film ever - do you hear me Chess?

11. Smoking is not cool

12. Having siblings means you have instant best friends

13. Craigendaroch will always be one of my favourite places

14. I am obsessed with make up

15. If you get acrylic nails you will become addicted

16. I love making lists

17. Never take life for granted

18. I can't cope with the cold

19. You can never have too many dressing gowns

20. Deciding where to buy your first home is stressful

21. Hard times make you a much stronger person

22. Nights in are sometimes way better than nights out

23. You’re never too old to start something new

24. Happiness is the most important thing; if you're not happy then do something about it.

I have had such an amazing 24 years and make memories that will stay with me forever. I love birthdays because I can celebrate with all my favourite people and reflect on my life.


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