On the 10 Feb I turned 24 which means I'm only 1 year away from being a quarter of a century(!!) Earlier this week I shared with you 24 things I've learnt in 24 years so I thought it was only right to share with you today 25 things I want to do before my next birthday! The big 25!

I've seen a few posts like this and felt inspired to share with you the things I'd like to do before I'm 25 so here goes.

1. Do a 10k Run - I'm actually well on my way to completing this. I've signed up to the 10k race for life in June with my Mum and I'm absolutely petrified but so excited too. I can barely run 5k so it will certainly be a challenge but I'm up for it and it's all for a good cause. If you fancy donating you can visit my page here.

2. Meet More Blogging Friends - I've made some lovely friends through attending blogging event but I've also been speaking to some girls online for a while now so it'd be lovely to meet up with some of the ones that live nearby and have a girly day.

3. Take a Photography Course - Last year I bought an Olympus Pen EPL-7 camera and at the same time I purchased a Jessops photography course. I'm so excited to go in April and learn more about my camera and how I can utilise the features.

4. Buy Our First Home - Jay and I are currently saving towards buying our first house together and we're aiming to do so by the time I'm 25!!

5. Lose at Least a Stone - I am determined to loose the weight this year. I've got goals in place and I'm ready to smash them. 

6. Give Blood For The First Time - I cannot believe I've never given blood before, but it's true, I haven't so that's going to change before I'm 25.

7. Stay in a Five Star Hotel - Just once I'd love to stay at an expensive hotel living the life of luxury!

8. Have a Massive Clear Out - I often have clear outs but every once in a while I like to have a deep clean and get rid of things I don't wear or use and replace them.

9. Go to a Christmas Market in Another City - I've said I'll do it so many times and I would love to do it by the time I'm 25. Whether it's abroad or in the UK.

10. Only Drink Water For a Month - Now this one is a little random but one I'd love to do. I am intrigued to see what difference it makes to my skin.

11. Make My Job Permanent - I am currently on a contract with my new job and I'm loving it so far. I've only been there just over a month but I've already learnt loads and I'd love to be kept on and made permanent. 

12. Learn Salsa Dancing - I am not good at Latin dancing at all but I do love dancing in general and used to be so passionate about it at school so I'd love to get into it again at some point. 

13. Visit a Cat Cafe - I've always wanted to visit a Cat cafe. I'm definitely a Cat lady and cannot wait to have a little furry friend of my own.

14. Go To Craigendaroch Again - As a child we visited the Craigendaroch resort in Balleter, Scotland every year and then as I got older I stopped going. My family have a time share at one of the lodges there so it's my aim to make a trip there in January or as a birthday trip in February next year.

15. Take a 30 Day Challenge - Whether it's a 30 day photo challenge or the 30 day ab challenge, I would like to try and stick to something for 30 days and see what impact is has.

16. Leave a Note for a Stranger - I've always liked this concept and think it's such a great idea. I'd love to leave one somewhere and put my twitter @ on it to see who receives it.

17. Grow My Blog Even More - My blog has come on leaps and bounds over the last couple of years and I want to continue to improve the content and gain better relationships with clients.

18. Try 25 Different Restaurants in My City - I've lived in Leeds for just over a year now and visited numerous of the restaurants here but I'm going to make it a challenge to visit at least 25 by my next birthday.

19. Host a Dinner Party - Whether it's for my family or a bunch of friends, I'd love to host my own dinner party or do our own version of come dine with me!

20. Get a PT - I have said I'd get a PT for a while now but I would love to do it in order to help me keep on track and stay motivated.

21. Swim in an Infinity Pool - The goal in life is to watch the sunset with a glass of prosecco in my hand in an infinity pool (preferably in Santorini, Greece - it's the dream).

22. Go To A Log Cabin With a Hot Tub - As a kid I loved going on holidays to Sherwood Forest and doing activities in the rain and then going back to the lodge to sit in the hot tub eating takeaway pizza and thinking about the activities that have taken place.

23. Make An Effort to Keep in Touch With Old Work Colleagues - I love my old work colleagues and I am determined to not loose those good friendships now that I've moved jobs. There are a few people from my previous jobs that I know will be friends for life and I can't wait to continue to have our catch up's with them (Nat, Stedawg, Suki, Helena, Charlotte, Jenna, Ellen and Heather you can't get rid of my that quickly!)

24. Spend 24 Hours Without Social Media - I would like to test myself to see if I can cope without my phone and my social media apps (I know, how sad I love my phone too much). I think it'll be really beneficial and I'd like to see what I get up to instead.

25. Look After My Skin - I want to ensure I put time and effort into a proper skincare routine in order to prevent breakouts and dry skin all the time. It's my goal to get into a routine and take care of my skin. I say a pamper once a week is key!!!

I hope I can cross the majority off this list, if not all of them. Let me know in the comments below something you want to achieve before your next birthday.



  1. These all sound like amazing goals. Staying in a 5 star hotel sounds wonderful (that's a goal of mine too) and omg moving into your first home sounds exciting xxx


    1. It would be so luxurious wouldn't it! Yes, hopefully it won't be too long before we own our home!

      Katie | www.justkatiee.com XX