[This post contains gifted items]

Last Saturday I turned 24 and I had such a fun birthday celebrating with my family and friends. I got spoilt by everyone and am so thankful for all the amazing gifts I received so like every year I thought I'd share with you what I got for my birthday (click HERE to find out 24 things I've learnt in 24 years!)

*Disclaimer, I am not bragging I am very grateful for everything I was given on my birthday - you lot love these types of posts so here I am*  
For most birthdays I get makeup, clothing, shoes or money and I am obsessed with everything I got this year. From my parents I wanted mainly money so I got a couple of presents to open as a surprise and then some money to spend too. I am thinking of getting a personal trainer with some of the money but I'm not going to rush into anything yet. Present wise I got some amazing striped pj's from Matalan which are SO instagrammable, as well as some Gucci inspired goodies. I got a black t-shirt which says guilty on it and the ever famous Bee style trainers (I think these will look insane with some light wash cropped denim jeans and a cute white tee in the summer). I got a cute mug that says glitter runs through the veins which is super cute. You can never have too many mugs (soz Jay!) and I'm using this one to house all my makeup brushes. Talking of makeup, I also received a MAC lip kit which has a lipstick in Honey Love and the Lip Liner in Subculture as well as the Too Faced Born This Way Concealer because I've been obsessed with the foundation since I got that for Christmas! I got the cutest necklace which is an Aquarius necklace so is super special and sentimental and a Kate Loxton clutch which I'm actually currently using as a bag for all the stuff usually lurking at the bottom of my handbag; basically the essentials. Think chargers, plasters, paracetamol, tissues, lip balm etc.

I was completely spoilt by my boyfriend Jay. Not only did he get me some of my favourite presents ever but he also bought me a McDonald's in bed, got me "24" balloons, bought me some roses and took me on a day trip to all the cocktail bars in Leeds as well as treating me to dinner at San Carlo. I loved spending the day chilling out and drinking lots. It was just perfect. He bought me my favourite boots I think I've ever owned and a bag I've been wanting forever. I got a gorgeous marble and rose gold jewellery holder which is going to look amazing on my dressing table and some bath-bombs from the Yorkshire soap company (I've used the cherry one already and it smelt divine! He got me a replacement of my favourite wet brush and also a too faced melted matte lipstick which I've wanted for the longest time too. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened a gorgeous bunny print too - I think this is just the cutest thing ever. If that wasn't enough we're also going away on the 2nd March on a special surprise weekend away and I am SO excited. He's just the cutest person ever. Thanks for my presents hun xoxo

My lovely Nanna bought me some new Pj's which is a tradition of ours and also gave me some Euros towards my trip to Rhodes in May which is amazing and I can't wait to spend them on cocktails in the sunshine. I got the cutest candle from Gemporia*. It's a birthstone candle and the packaging is so beautiful. The candle comes in a glass jar and is ombre in the colour of your birthstone (in my case it's purple for Amethyst). The scent is SO nice and even without burning the candle you can smell it in the bathroom. It's a lilac rose scent and the candle has 6 carats of amethyst fused into the top layer of the candle. I burnt it earlier this week when I had a bath and it smelt so good. It's such a cute gift idea and I think it's a really sentimental gift that anyone would like. You can follow the brand on twitter by searching @gemporia or follow their hashtag #AtHomeWithGemaura. My sister Chess bought me the COOLEST boots from Topshop which so many bloggers have been lusting after, they are so different and I love them so much. She also bought me some flared leggings which are SO comfy and are really flattering on my body shape! My brother gave me a fiver which we just laughed about because he's a broke student but I'm very grateful for it and I spent it straight away on some hair dye so thanks bro!! I also got some money off family friends too and I can't wait to spend it on some new clothes!!

I am so grateful for all the amazing gifts and want to say a huge thank you to everyone for making my day so special. I hope you enjoyed finding out what I got for my birthday and got some inspiration from reading this post.

Disclaimer: Some of the items were gifted to me however this post is NOT sponsored. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I hope you had a wonderful birthday. Those boots are so glamorous I love them xxx


    1. They are SO comfy too - highly recommend!

      Katie | www.justkatiee.com XX

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