I have been obsessed with Netflix at the moment and Jay and I have watched so many good series. I am a big lover of crime and drama series so we tend to watch a fair few of those and I wanted to share with you some of my all time favourites that I highly recommend you add to your list.

Ok so I think POWER is my favourite series I've watched on Netflix. I won't give it away but it's about a successful nightclub owner who is a drug dealer in New York City. It's so gripping and I got so involved with the characters, I cried at the end of the series and I now feel like nothing will be as good.

Line of Duty
We started watching Line of Duty after a recommendation from our friends and I wasn't sure I'd like it that much at first but I was hooked straight away. It's basically a series that follows DC Steve Arnott who is transferred to a police anti-corruption unit after refusing to be part of a cover-up involving an accidental shooting. It's got lots of twists and turns and kept us gripped the whole way through! Definitely a good one if you enjoy police/crime drama's.

How to Get Away with Murder
I love programmes about murders. I don't know what it is about documentaries/series like this but I am always so intrigued by it all. I love watching Trevor McDonald prison programmes! This series is a great mix between drama and mystery. It's about a criminal defense attorney and law professor and five of her students who all become involved in a twisted murder case. There are lots of curve balls and definitely many moments when I shed a tear or two. I would highly recommend. Viola Davis is amazing in it!!

Black Mirror
I'll be honest, I wasn't all keen on the thought of watching this as I'm not into sci-fi type series and everyone hyper it up SO much, however I was pleasantly surprised by this. The series explores a high-tech future and I like the fact that although it's a series and the last episode does link to each of the episode in the series, each episode has it's own storyline so it feels like you're watching something new every time.

End of the F****ing World
This was another series that I wasn't initially sure about but there was a lot of hype so I was intrigued to see what it was all about. It's a british comedy-drama that follows a 17 year old who believes he's a psychopath. It's got some twists and turns but it's also quite funny too so it's a good contrast if you don't like series that are too dark and deep!

If you have liked any of the above then I definitely recommend you have a watch of some of the others! Have you seen any of the above before? What were your thoughts? Let me know of your recommendations too in the comments below, we're looking for a new series to try at the moment!



  1. Thanks for the recommendations! If you love murder story lines than you need to watch Mindhunter!

    1. Oooohh yes I've heard lots about Mindhunter. I think that's top of my list next!

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