Today is Mother's Day in the UK, which is a day where we shower our mums with gifts and love and show our appreciation for how amazing they are. I want to share a personal post today about the very important women in my life; my mum, my two nanna's and my twin sister.  

To Mum...
To the woman who brought me into the world and the person I look up to in everything I do. Happy Mother's Day. You deserve to be spoilt not just today but every single day of the year. You have helped to guide me through my life; through the good times, the bad times and with lots of laughs amongst the way. Thank you for watching trashy TV with me, being my nurse when I've been poorly and most of all for being my best friend and someone I can tell anything too. You always put everyone else before you and every day you teach me what's right and wrong and push me to achieve my dreams. As we know, I've not always been the most well behaved child, but you have raised me to be a caring and kind young woman and have encouraged me to always be ambitious and reach for my dreams. Thank you for being my number one fan and my biggest supporter in everything that I do. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for you (quite literally) and you will forever be my best friend. 

To Nanna Joan...
To the most amazing, kind, selfless and driven woman. I am SO proud to have you as my Nanna. Thank you for all the incredible memories we've shared together; from having rich tea biscuits and cups of tea in bed, to going to watch the ballet together. I will never be able to express how much you mean to me in just a few words. You are such a strong individual and have been by my side for my whole life. I can tell you anything and you will always listen and guide me. I love you unconditionally and can't imagine a life without you in it.

To Nanna Carol...
Although you live across the other side of the world, you are still one of the most important woman in my life. Distance means nothing when it comes to family. You are my number one supporter and have been since day one. I love listening to all your stories about when Dad was younger and how you like to find out all about our family tree. You are proud of me no matter what path life takes me on and I love how driven you are. I will never forget when I was little and we used to sing together and play the piano. You have unconditional love for me and I have it for you too.

To my twinny Chess...
You have been there with me since the minute I was born and have been my partner in crime ever since! We didn't always get along when we were younger (I mean, it's sometimes hard being a twin), but we've grown a lot closer in recent years and I am SO grateful for you support on a daily basis. We have shared SO many memories, been there for each other when we've been sad and laughed until we've cried. I will never forget watching the Amanda Show (shout out to the girls room) or Trisha and the Spice Girls Movie in Craigendarough every single year without fail.

You have listened to my goals and dreams and my (very long winded) stories and never once complained. I have always had a best friend, from the very beginning and when I was scared to go to do new things you were always by my side. Even though we don't live together anymore you're always just a phone call away; day or night. I will never be able to thank you enough for supporting me and being proud of everything I do. I cannot imagine life without having a twin sister by my side and will forever be thankful. 

Thank you to all the incredible woman in my life. I owe you more than I could ever give to you and thank you will never be enough. You are all strong and inspiration women and I will forever continue to look up to you. Love you all always and forever.


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