I love Q&A posts but I’ve done a fair few of them before and thought it would be a bit different to do one with my boyfriend. If you didn’t know Jay and I have been together for four and a half years now and I thought it was about time he featured on the blog in some way. I’m desperate to do a Primark outfit challenge post where we hit up the local Primark in Leeds and chose an outfit for one another; however he isn’t keen to walk around the ladies section on his own!! Anyway, I have managed to persuade him to join me in a Q&A so let’s get onto the questions…

When and where did you meet? 

K: In trustee old Embrace, of course!!

J: Well... errrrr .. Hallam Vs Uni bar crawl. I couldn't tell you which bar, but it was definitely not Embrace. I think it was the 29 September 2013 I believe!

*If you weren’t at University in Sheffield from 2000 to 2014 then you won’t know that Embrace was a local nightclub that played cheesy pop music and sold the strongest vodka and lemonades I’ve ever tasted.

What/where was your first date?

K: Zizzi’s in the city centre – then we went onto some bars where Jay told the barman that I was called Izzy and we very nearly didn’t go on a second date ;’)

J: Errrr, Zizzi's restaurant - I couldn't tell you the date!

What was your first impression of each other?

K: Hilarious!


What's your favourite thing to do together?

K: Hmm, probably eat food or watch Netflix together in bed!

J: To go away for a weekend visiting friends and family!

Who is the more romantic one?

K: Me! 100%

J: You!!

What is the other good at?

K: Ermmm… this is a hard one (I’m joking), he’s good at making light of a bad situation and in general just making me laugh!

J: Blogging!

What's your favourite thing about each other?

K: You always make me laugh!

J: How similar your sense of humour is to mine!

What's your favourite memory together?

K: Oh god, we’ve had so many! Probably when you used to come over to my flat at Uni and we would blast John Mayers album and eat wrap pizza’s on the balcony watching the sunset!

J: Either our first holiday together or Krakow!!

What's your favourite picture of each other?

K: The one before we went to dinner when I lived in Manchester – it’s just casual but cute. I also love the one of us at Aintree races last year because we look all dolled up and cute!

J: The one at your family christmas party!

What do you both hope for in the future?

K: The cliché, to buy a home together, get married and have kids (oh and a cat too obviously)!

J: For us to own a house together for our family!!

So there you go, a little insight into how Jay and I met! If you like these types of posts then let me know below, or if you’d prefer to see something else on the blog then be sure to tell me so I can give you the content you want to see. Also, if you’ve done a similar post I'd love to have a read of it!


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