It's April, which means it's time for the April goals! I love setting new goals each month, it always makes me feel inspired and I'm a lover of a list so we're onto a winner. Anyway, in March I set myself a few goals and I'm so glad I achieved most of them!! I hit over 100,500 page views on my blog, I've been training for my 10k (yep, still can't run very far or fast but it's the trying that counts hey!), I've also been cooking more too which I've really enjoyed. Unfortunately I haven't managed to increase my DA or get all my April content scheduled but I'm half way there so I'd say we've achieved some good stuff in March don't you think?

Onto the April goals..

  • Hit 500 followers on Bloglovin (I'm 10 away - if you like my blog but don't follow me then please do - it's completely free)
  • Plan all of May content (I'll be away in Rhodes towards the end of May so I'll need to ensure I plan ahead)
  • Continue to work hard and learn as much as I can in my new job (that's not so new anymore - I'm loving it!
  • Back the winner at the Grand National (My boyfriend Jay backed the winner last year and I want to see if I can this time)
  • Start using my camera more now I know how to use it (I recently took a photography course through Jessops and have learnt a lot about my camera and how to utilise the settings so hopefully this will improve my blog photography)
What are your goals for April? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. These all seem like great goals, good luck hun :)


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