How on earth are we half way through the year??? Time is flying by! May was an exciting month; I went on holiday and smashed some goals too so let's have a look back at my May goals.

Hit 850 followers on Twitter
I didn't quite make this goals; I'm currently at 830 followers but to be honest I fell out of love with blogging a bit in May and have been so busy at work that I haven't focused on it so I'm determined to pick it back up in June.

Train for my 10K Race for Life in June
My 10K Race for Life is today and I am SO nervous. I stuck to my word, I have trained a bit but I haven't managed more than 5K so I am very very worried about it. I'm doing it to raise money though so it's not about the time for me; I'll just be proud if I get round the track! I've been training most days this week and am determined to get across that finish line! If you'd like to donate to my fundraising page, I'd be so so grateful. It really does mean a lot. 

Engage more on my Instagram (I need to start making an effort to post once a day!)
Ok so this is one I definitely didn't succeed on. I'm just so bad at posting daily. I did however post over on my slimming world account almost every day as I'm documenting my food to keep me on track, however I didn't manage to do it for my personal Instagram so that's another goal for June.

Utilise my Facebook page more
Again, I completely failed on this one, but June will be the month the facebook page sees more updates!
Spend time with as many friends and family as possible
I have seen loads of my family and friends throughout May. I caught up with my oldest best friends Georgia and Jen back at home, saw my Nanna for a spoons breakfast and a catch up, spent some time with Jay's family in Birmingham and at the wedding in Rhodes and saw my Brother and Dad for a Parkrun! June is another month filled with exciting plans with friends and family, starting with Soller with my mum, twin sister and aunty and ending with a hen do which is 90's pop star themed and is taking place in Pop World. That's my kind of hen do!

Hit 600 followers on Instagram
I didn't quite make this goal in May, I'm at 576 and growing ever so slowly. I am determined to increase my content and hopefully I will see that growth a bit more.

June Goals
  • Complete my first ever 10K Race for Life
  • Schedule my blog content at least 1 week in advance so I don't miss a post!
  • Keep going with Slimming World and get down to my target weight (I'm about 5 pounds away but I keep maintaining so I need to be strict after a few weeks off due to holiday!)
  • Take better care of my skin and switch up my skincare routine
  • Join another bloggers chat on twitter
What are your goals for June? Do you feel motivated to smash them? Let me know in the comments below!


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