Today's post is all about how to balance working full-time or University and running a blog. I started my blog during my placement year of University so I was working full-time. I didn't post regularly and never really found a routine that suited my work life. When I went back to University for my final year I continued to struggle so I made a real effort to focus on organising my life and have now found a schedule that I can keep up with.

1. Get organised
I work in the Events Industry as an Event Officer by day so it's important for me to be organised at all times. I've always been an avid list writer (I got that from my Mum) and this has helped me massively with my studies, within my career and with my blog too.

2. Plan ahead
I always try to plan ahead with my blogging. I like to sit down on a Sunday morning and plan my week ahead in order to work out if I have any important deadlines throughout the week!

3. Prioritise
Prioritisation is the key to being able to succeed in having a full-time job or studying alongside running a blog. If I didn’t prioritise my workload I’d never achieve anything. I like to take it a week at a time and prioritise the key tasks or the earliest deadlines. The prioritisation works great if you plan ahead so you know what you’re working to!

4. Make sure you have some "me" time
This is one of the most important things to do. Take time for yourself! Now I don’t always live by this as sometimes life just gets in the way and you’re too busy to think about yourself however even if it’s going to the gym, getting your nails done or simply just spending time with your loved ones. Make sure you get that time!

5. Take it week by week
If you're balancing uni and a blog then make sure you take each week as it comes. If I find that my posting schedule is going to be unachiebable one week I’ll look to reduce the posts. I work off a 3 post a week schedule but it’s important to do what you feel is achievable!

So those are my top tips for balancing blogging and university or a full time job! Remember to do what you feel is best for you and your schedule. It’s a learning curve and it might take a while to figure out. My schedule works well for me and if I find that it’s getting too much I’ll take a break and reevaluate what needs to be prioritised. 

Do you have any top tips for balancing work/uni and blogging? Come and follow me on Instagram or twitter and let me know! I’m always looking for new ways to help me balance everything!



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