I love sharing my favourite bloggers and YouTuber's each year on my blog as it's so important to share the love and showcase the amazing talented individuals that are out there in this industry. This year I wanted to also share my favourite Instagrammer's too as I have loved finding new people to follow who I know you'd like too!

Gemma Louise Miles

Gemma is someone I found early last year and someone I instantly felt like I clicked with. She has such a bubbly personality, is absolutely beautiful and her home is also everything I want in a home; it's grey, aesthetically pleasing and has the cutest little kitten living there too!

Mark Ferris

I've followed Mark for a few years now and if I'm ever sad, I just watch one of his vlogs and instantly feel happy! He has such an infectious laugh and he is exactly my type of person; real, honest and funny. He deserves so many more followers!

Fabulous Hannah (Aka Fab Han)

Fab Han is another YouTuber I've followed for years. I love watching her videos with Gabby and I also love her chatty haul videos too. She is so genuine and I feel like she'd be an amazing friend. She 100% deserves many more followers!

Freya Farrington

I love Freya. Her haul videos are my absolute favourites and I love watching her weekly vlogs too! I like that she's a northern girl and she's hugely successful, which just shows you don't need to be in London to succeed at this business.

Ayse & Zeliha

As a twin myself, I love watching Ayse and Zehila. They are stunning and I love watching their challenge videos the most as I think they both have amazing style! I also find it fascinating that they have another set of twin sisters who are also identical too!!

Syd and El

If you don't watch Syd and El then you're missing out. I found them a few years ago after watching a birthday vlog of theirs and instantly thought that I'd like watching their content. I love how different they are but how similar they can be too. They are the best of friends and I think the bond they have is really special!

Misha Grimes

Misha G and Mumma Grimes are one of my favourite finds in 2018. They are so bubbly, have the cutest mother/daughter bond and Misha tries so hard with her content. Her super haul Sundays are my fave things and I also feel rather spendy after watching them!!

Gemma Louise

Probably my favourite blogger for the second year running is Gemma. Her content is amazing and her photography is beautiful. I love following her journey of motherhood with Reuben and have loved seeing her grown into an amazing mother since Ru was born. She has got the credit she deserves from popular brands and her campaigns are always amazing. She really does deserve so much more credit for her content.

Kasie Beauty

Kasie is another blogger I've followed for years and her content is always so well written. Her beauty photography is amazing and she always makes me want to get onto Beauty Bay and order the next must have makeup palettes!

Oh Hello it's Hannah

Firstly, how pretty is Hannah please? Look at those stunning eyes! I love Hannah's blog. Her content is right up my street and I always get really excited when I see her name pop up in my Bloglovin subscription box! Her Lifestyle posts are my favourites but she kills the fashion and beauty stuff as well!

Mrs Hinch

Ok, so 2018 brought us all Mrs Hinch. What a women she is. She has made the world go cleaning mad and boy am I on that band waggon too. I've got numerous Zoflora's, the Pink stuff and I'm waiting for the day I get my hands on a Minkeh!! I am SO happy she has just announced her pregnancy news and I cannot wait to follow this next journey of hers. Her home is also goals. Go and give her a follow!

Kristy Green

Kirsty is another girl I've followed for a while and I love scrolling through my feed and seeing her fashion posts and photos of her home. She is absolutely beautiful and such an inspirational entrepreneur.

Carly Rowena

I love following Carly for her brilliant fitness videos on Instagram. She inspires me to work harder on my fitness in 2019 and I am also extremely happy that she now has a beautiful baby girl Jax, and I'm obsessed with the cute baby pics! So excited to follow their journey as a family in 2019!

Who are you favourite bloggers, youtubers and instagrammers of 2018?



  1. LOVE these recommendations! I've been following Misha Grimes on Instagram since before she had a YouTube channel so it's lovely to see her doing so well.

    The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

    1. She's so nice isn't she! Seems so down to earth! XX

  2. So many people here that I've never seen before - I'll have to check them out! x

    1. Definitely give them a follow/subscribe! So many lovely people.XX

  3. So many wonderful accounts!! Will have to give them a follow �� I’m obsessed with Gemma’s content too! And our lil Ru bear is just the cutest �� thank you so much for sharing babe x x

    1. 100% agree, little Rueben is so cute! They're all definitely worth following! XX

  4. So many amazing people here. Definitely discovered some new youtubers! X

    1. There are some really down to earth people out there aren't there!

      Thanks for reading :) xx

  5. Ahh thank you so much for including me!!! This is honestly so lovely, made my day! X

    1. I couldn't not! Loved your blog for so long, you definitely inspire me!

      Katie XX

  6. I don’t watch any of the YouTuber’s mentioned, so I’ll deffo check them out! I love seeing Mark in Zoella’s videos, so I’m sure I’d love his channel too. Gemma is probably my all time fave blogger to be honest - she’s such a natural with it and is generally just amazing, I couldn’t agree more! This is such a lovely and supportive post :) xo

    Char |

    1. He's so funny, the vlogs with Zoe in are hilarious! Totally agree, she's so down to earth too!

      Glad you enjoyed reading :)

      Katie XX

    2. I am going to have to spend some time looking into these, thanks for sharing sweetie!

      Danielle xx

  7. I hope you find some new people to follow! There are so many amazing influencers out there!

    Katie XX