Blog photography can be the make or break for a blog. Over the years I've invested in some better props which have helped to enhance my posts and improve my engagement. Although I'm not at the top of my game and still have a long way to go, I've found some props that really work to help bring a photo to life. It's also important to know that blog props don't have to be expensive either. There are lots of amazing bits and bobs that can help change a photo without breaking the bank too!

1. Fake Flowers and Plants

Fake flowers and cacti are one of my favourite types of props for photos. I love how adding that little bit of colour to what could be a pretty boring photo can bring it to life. I do also sometimes buy real flowers from Aldi when I do my weekly food shop but fake flowers never die so they're great to have in my collection. You can pretty much get them from all sorts of shops these days. I bought some of mine on EBay, at Wilko's and also HomeSense.

2. Photography Backdrops

A few years ago I invested in some photo backdrops from Pixel2Print (which you can read about here) and they are basically A1 sized posters which you can get images printed on. I chose to get a white brick wall, marble print and a wooden floorboards image and I use them in my flatlay photos. Coloured cardboard can also be a great option too!

3. Ribbon

I have recently bought a few different roles of ribbon from Ebay and have been constantly using them in my photos. They add a bit of depth to my photography and I like to get different colours for the different seasons to help with my photography themeing!

4. Peg Board

I love peg boards, they are such a great prop because you can write any message on them, whether that be the title of your post, your favourite brands, a quote, it can literally be whatever you want! I also used to use the light up boards too but I much prefer the simple look of the peg board. I bought mine in Primark for about £7/£8 and I've used it so much!

5. Notebooks

If you know me, you'll know I LOVE any kind of stationery! I am an avid collector of notebooks and have a vast variety of them stored away in boxes so it's a no-brainer to use them in my photos! I often get the more expensive ones for birthdays or Christmas but I love buying mine from the likes of Wilko's, WHSmith or Supermarkets! I particularly love anything personalised or with a quote!

6. Mugs, Plates and Kitchen Accessories

I'm an avid tea drinker and much to my boyfriends dismay I love collecting pretty mugs. Even though it's only Jay and I in our flat and I'm the only one who likes hot drinks, we have way too many mugs, but I always justify them because they're pretty! I love collecting cute plates and mugs and love having everything miss match! I also love marble chopping boards/serving slabs and I found this one in HomeSense! I love places like Anthropology or TKMaxx for mugs but I've seen so many cute personalised ones in both Matalan and supermarkets too (Poundland also have some cute mugs and they're SO cheap!)

7. Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are such an easy prop to grab and add to photos because let's face it, we probably all have them! There are so many pretty brushes out there these days from a variety of brands and I picked up a rose gold set from Amazon a few months back to use solely in my photos. They're not great quality for using as brushes on your face but they look pretty in photos so that's all that matters!

8. Prints

I am totally obsessed with prints at the moment. Jay and I are in the process of buying our first house together and although we've not got our house yet, I've still been buying lots of prints. I love using them in blog photos and displaying them in the flat too. I love anything with a quote on and am obsessed with Desenio and also Etsy too!

9. Candles

Again, candles are a classic but always a winner. I'm using my Jo Malone candle in the photos above and it makes the image look super classy and feminine. I love how sophisticated the glass jar and silver metallic lid look in the background. I love slick photos that hold monochrome colours with just a little pop of colour. I always find this candle works best when shooting lipsticks as the product itself, and the box, make the best background. If you wanted to jazz up a photo, I definitely recommend popping in a coloured candle in the warmer months. For sure, I know that I will be pulling out my Yankee collection and lighting them in the background of videos and summer makeup look posts. 

10. Textures; Rugs/Blankets/Scarves

I love adding different textures to my photos. Whether it's a fluffy rug, a big cosy blanket or a chunky scarf, I think it can add so much more to a photo. My favourite thing to add is my cream fluffy rug which I picked up from Primark for under £10. Not only is it a rug for my bedroom, but I sometimes lay it over my office chair too and it comes in handy to add into the photos when I need a last minute prop.

So those are my top ten blog photo props, will you be adding any to your prop library? Let me know where your favourite props are from and what you use in your photos. I'm always looking to add to my collection!



  1. Fake flowers/plants are the best, I mean its nice to use fresh flowers but so much more expensive haha!

    Lucy | Forever September

    1. Totally agree, I'd love to buy fresh flowers every week but it's not practical haha!

      Katie | XX

  2. I love flowers in my photos but I’m a bit more of a real life prop kinda gal these days! I used to have the biggest prop box now I just use things I have around the house!