As the days go by and more acts are released on the line up, I am getting more and more excited for Glastonbury in June! If you enjoyed my festival makeup looks post then you'll also hopefully get some inspiration from this festival hairstyles post too.


1. Curly Hair with Statement Clips

I have been obsessed with statement clips recently and they are all the rage at the moment. There are so many to choose, from pearl style to prints or jewels. I picked up these personalised jewelled clips for festival season and you bet it, I'll be that cringe person at Glastonbury with my personalised slides! I chose to get "Glasto Fest" on mine and I'm not going to lie I love them! They were from Ebay here and were only £11.38 for the two which is really affordable. The delivery was really fast too! To style these clips I'd wear them with a side parting with curly hair or in a half up half down do.

2. Twisted Braids and Glitter Parting

One of my all time favourite festival looks is the glitter hair parting. I love that you can change up the same look just using different glitter shades or by plaiting your hair in two french braids or having twisted braids and the rest in curls which is what I've gone for. I've gone with a gold and pink glitter parting using this gel glitter pots which I picked up in Home Bargains and I love how it looks. It's great for 3rd day hair to cover the oily roots!

3. Statement Headband and Glitter Plaits

As you might be aware if you follow me over on Instagram, I'm obsessed with headbands at the moment. I've got so many different prints and think they can add that little bit extra to an outfit and make you look more put together without having to do much! I've chosen my leopard print headband from Primark for this look and have also added some small plaits throughout the hair and added a bit of gold glitter to them to make it a bit sparkly! You could go all out with the look and spray some glitter hair spray in the hair too!


What's your favourite festival hair styles? How will you be styling up your 3rd day hair during festival season? Let me know in the comments below!



  1. These hairstyles are so cute and girly! I always do plaits and glitter for festivals but i love those clips!

    Dena xo | Bloglovin

    1. Aww thanks Dena, make me so excited for Glastonbury in a few weeks! You can't beat a bit of festival glitter!XX

  2. Oh I'm so jealous that you're off to Glastonbury! Your hair looks incredible curled, I love these styles - Soph x

    1. It was so amazing! You'll have to try and get tickets next year! Thanks so much for reading :) xx

  3. Lovely. No doubt sexy hairstyles are the in thing, exhibiting the need for females to break away from accepted modes of behavior.
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