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If you know me, you know I love to be tanned. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about embracing your natural colour but for me, I feel much more confident when I'm tanned and my skin is glowing!

I normally do my full fake tanning routine a couple of days before a night out or special event and I prefer using a tan that develops overnight for the best results however I do sometimes use an instant tan too when I run out of time or forget to prepare in advance. I've recently been using a couple of products from the White to Brown* range and have been really impressed so I wanted to share them with you and talk you trough my very easy fake tanning routine.

First up I tried their instant tan and it was literally so easy to use. It has a gel consistency and I simply applied it with a velvet mitt after showering and I was good to go. The colour was really natural and glowy and it was perfect to use as a last minute panic tan. I will say that I did spill my drink (after a few g&t's) and it did leave a slight patch and the same night I also slept funny and woke up with a full on foot print on my left leg (not cute) so you need to be careful with it. It is however so easy to remove and after a warm shower I was back to my normal pale colour(!)

Before:                                                                   After:

Anyway, let's get onto my full easy fake tanning routine using an overnight developing tan!

Easy Steps to the Perfect Fake Tan:

Step 1: Exfoliate and Shave

One of the most vital steps in a fake tan routine is exfoliating and preparing your skin. This is such an important part of the routine as you need to make sure that any existing tan has come off the body. Exfoliation can also help to remove dead skin cells, unclog your pores and prevent an uneven skin tone ahead of the tanning. When I exfoliate, I tend to run a hot bath and scrub my body using exfoliating gloves and an exfoliating scrub. It's so important to get every bit of existing tan off your body and remove the dead skin. Once my skin is exfoliated and feeling smooth I go in and shave. For this I tend to use a mens razor as I feel like this gives me the closest shave and doesn't leave me with those bumps that you can get on the skin. 

Step 2: Moisturise

After your bath or shower make sure you moisturise your dry areas of the skin. If you're applying your tan the same day, it's very important to make sure that areas such as the elbows, ankle, knees and hands etc are the areas that tan tends to cling to so it's important to try and avoid that with a moisturiser.

Step 3: Apply your tan

Next we need to apply our tan! Most of the time I always opt for a developing tan as I love the look of a dark tan. Most developing tans say to allow 8 hours for the tan to develop but I usually just apply at night and sleep in the tan before washing off in the morning. I use a mitt to apply my tan and I much prefer the Velvet mitts rather than the ones with the harsh side and the foamy type side. I find that I get a much more even tan using the velvet mitts. I apply the tan using circular motions and do two-three pumps on each body part. I usually wait for it to dry slightly and then decide if I think I need another layer. The White to Brown Self Tanning Lotion has a gel like consistency and is deep in colour. It also has vitamin C and E in it so it can help if you have dry skin. You'll know if you've followed me for a while that sometimes fake tan can stick to my dry patches and cause the skin to look darker and more patchy than normal but this tan feel almost moisturising on the skin which is such a bonus!

I never tan my face using the same fake tan as my body because I am always so paranoid about it making my skin worse but if you like to apply it to your face make sure you follow the same circular motions and apply with a foundation or buffing brush for an even application.

Step 4: Let it develop

Now for my favourite step, let the colour develop! As I said before, I normally sleep in my tan to give it the best chance to develop (plus I do not like leaving the house when it's on because the guide colour can make you have a green tinge to the skin with some tans!) Make sure after you've tanned that you wear dark loose clothing and if you're going to sleep in it, I sometimes sleep on a dark towel to prevent the tan from transferring onto my bed sheets!

Step 5: Show off the tan

In the morning, it's time to check on your tan. Don't be alarmed by the fact you make look very dark (and sometimes almost dirty!) but that's just your guide colour and it should come off in the shower. I run myself a warm shower and let the guide layer wash off. I don't use a soap or body wash with a fragrance and I don't rub at the skin. I simply let the water run clear and then apply a little bit of femme fresh as my body wash. When you get out the shower, make sure to pat yourself dry - don't rub, otherwise you'll remove the tan from your body!

This tan gave off a nice colour and I actually prefer it a few days after I've washed the tan off. It isn't too dark but is a warm toned colour. I found that it didn't sit well on my ankles at all but that could've just been me when I applied my moisturiser.

To keep your tan looking fresh for longer, make sure to moisturise and exfoliate during the week to ensure it fades evenly and doesn't end up looking like tiger bread! Believe me, it's not a good look!

Before:                                                       After:

I hope you liked this blog post and you got some good tips for an easy routine. Also, if you're on the hunt for a new fake tan, definitely try out White to Brown because it gave me such a nice deep but natural colour! Now that we're in the summer months, I'll definitely be reaching for my fake tans more and will be switching it up between my holy grail St Tropez and this White to Brown one!

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  1. This is such a great guide for someone who has never tried fake tan before. I have tried various different tans before but I just don't think it suits me, which I know may sound weird! I can just about get away with a gradual sunkissed kind of fake tan though which is what I use in the summer if I've got my legs out haha x

    1. Aww thanks for reading! I LOVE the garnier summer body glow for a subtle golden tan! It's like a gradual moisturiser but it's amazing!