May is already over and June has arrived. We're half way through 2019 and so far I've had so many amazing experiences and done some incredible things! Anyway May was a busy month for me so I thought I'd share with you some of my favourites.


Time Off Work

In May I took some much needed time off work. I feel like I've not had some proper time off in such a long time so it felt so nice to relax. I took 2 weeks off in between the May bank holidays and it was the best decision ever. Jay booked one of the weeks off too so we were able to spend that week focusing on house hunting (which is WAY more stressful than I ever thought it'd be!) and I also got to spend some time with my family too. It was just nice to be able to chill out and not have to get up early for work every day!

Leeds Blogger Event

Last weekend I went to a little blogger brunch with some of the local Leeds bloggers and it was such a lovely end to the weekend. I've been to blogger events before but hadn't been to a specific one for bloggers organised by bloggers and it was so lovely. It's so nice when you get to meet like minded people who do this thing too! You can read all about it here.


I have been so obsessed with Pintrest recently. I won't lie I'm on there constantly and it's ever since we started looking at buying our first home! I've got home decor boards coming out my ears but it's so nice to see how other people have decorated their homes and get some ideas for when we have our own! I also use it for my blog too, so why not give me a follow!

Mrs Hinch's Book

Like the Pintrest boards, I have been obsessed with all things home, and with that comes cleaning. I won't say I've been cleaning mad because I'm so over living in such a small flat and just can't wait to be in a house with more space, but I have been collecting my Zoflora's and have been feeling inspired reading Mrs Hinch's book! I can't wait to have a different Zoflora scent in every room!


I don't know what it is recently but I've been obsessed with Olives. Don't panic, it's not a pregnancy craving, I have simply just been loving them as a snack. I've been loving the Greek olives from Aldi which come with some Feta Cheese, it's the perfect snack for this weather. Thanks Chloe & Jack for making me obsessed!


Red Frill Tea Dress from Matalan

I picked up this tea dress in Matalan recently when I was looking for some holiday bits and I've been wearing it so much already! It's a cute little dress with a frill hem and frill sleeves and it's got a little floral pattern on it. It's the perfect length for a 5 ft 9 gal and I love the sleeves because my arms are one of the parts of my body that I don't like that much!

Knot Headbands from Primark

Ok, Primark are upping their hair accessory game recently. I've been loving their statement clips and I seem to pick up one of their knot headbands every time I go into the store. I swear, I've gone from owning no headbands, to now having x7 in various patterns and colours. I have x3 polka dot ones; a pink, a mustard yellow and a black; x2 animal print; x1 zebra and x1 leopard print, a pink gingham one and a black one with pearls on. I am literally obsessed I swear!



Bright Nails

Over the last few weeks the sun has been shining (for once) and I have been really drawn to bring nail colours. If you don't know, I get my acrylic nails done and usually go for neutral nails but decided to branch out and go for some colours so throughout May I had bright pink and coral shades and I've loved them!

Eyelash Curlers

I know lash curlers are not anything new but I've recently rediscovered using them and I can't actually believe the difference they make to my eyes. It's mad how much more confident I can feel even if I don't wear any makeup!

Emily Canham L'Oreal Lipstick

I'm not normally one of those people to buy products from Influencer ranges when they're all hyped up, I usually wait until a few months later and I've had time to see what the reviews are all about, but with this lipstick I just couldn't wait. This is the perfect nude shade. I love L'Oreal Lipsticks in general, they're probably my favourite affordable brand and when I saw this one I couldn't not pick one up. Emily's shade is a limited edition shade which can be purchased on Amazon and I didn't want to risk it being sold out so caved and pre ordered it. If you're looking for a nude lipstick that has a creamy formula and is a 'my lips but better' shade then look no further and go and pick yourself one up!

So there you have it, my May favourites for 2019. What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments below.



  1. I can't believe how fast this year has gone! I've also been loving Pinterest and Mrs Hinch's book, it's such a lifesaver! I hope this month brings you lots of more amazing memories! <3