[This post contains gifted items]

Whose excited for autumn? I know summer hasn't even ended yet but it's either way too hot in England to cope without air con or raining and I'm just ready for autumn to begin! I have been slowly starting to look for new pieces to build into my transitional wardrobe and I was luckily enough to pick some more pieces out from Femme Luxe a few weeks ago so decided to get a mixture of comfy outfits and pieces that I wouldn't usually choose but that I've always wanted to try!

First up is probably the thing most out of my comfort zone, Mid Wash Distressed Ripped Mom Jeans | £17.99*! I know to most people they are probably something you'd wear all the time, but my legs are one of my least favourite parts of my body so I rarely wear ripped jeans as I feel like it enhances my chunky thighs! Saying that, I decided to bite the bullet and try them and do you know what, I actually kind of like them! I love the loose fit at the bottom and I like that there isn't too many rips so it's not overload! I will say they are a lot tighter at the top of my thighs but I think when I've lost a little bit of weight they will be perfect! To style these I've decided to wear my favourite white chunky trainers and my new Grey This Is My Day Off Sweat Shirt Print Sweater | £4.99*. It's me down to a tee! Comfy, but stylish! To make this also look a bit more sophisticated, you could also add a Check Blazer and add a black chain bag to transform it from day to night.


Now, if you know me, you know that I LOVE to wear loungewear around the house and if I'm just popping to the shops and this Black Short Sleeve Boxy Loungewear Set | £12.99* really caught my eye. I think it's really different with the cropped trousers and boxy fit top and I thought this could be the perfect airport outfit with some cute trainers or sandals and a backpack! I wanted to love this but it just doesn't fit right. The top is really cute and although it's cropped it still hangs low enough to cover my stomach if I wear it with high waisted jeans. The bottoms however just don't work for me which is such a shame. The legs are really tight on me and the bottoms are supposed to be high waisted but they literally touch my hips so it makes me look a lot wider than I am. It's such a shame because the material is really soft and on the right body it would look amazing. The set itself is only £12.99 though so even though the bottoms don't sit right, I'll definitely be keeping the top and wearing that with my jeans or comfy tracksuit bottoms!

The final outfit is another one I was very excited to try. I'm not normally one to wear really tight things but I thought this Light Wash Denim Button Down Denim Dress | £14.99* could look amazing with a black t-shirt and white chunky trainers in the summer. I love the style and how versatile it is because you can transform it from a summer piece to one for the autumn/winter by adding tights and a big fluffy teddy bear coat! The dress itself has a soft material and is quite stretchy so it's not restricting or uncomfortable. The only problem for me is that it's very short! I'm a 5 ft 9 gal and if I lifted my arms up in this dress then it'd reveal more than I'd like to share!!! It's such a shame because it's such a nice dress but I think this one will have to be given to one of my shorter pals (girls, hit me up if you want this!)

What was your favourite thing in this haul? Let me know what you recommend in the comments below!

AD - Disclaimer: The clothing items from Femme Luxe were kindly gifted to me in exchange for a review however I have not been paid to feature them and all opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I love the denim dress, it looks perfect on you ❤️

  2. I have the denim dress too and absolutely love it! Suits you so much!

    Holly x |