I've seen so many people talk about Hello Fresh over the last year or so and have heard great things about it. My boyfriend Jay and I bought our first home in July and I'm not going to lie, we haven't been eating great since the move as we've just been SO busy sorting out the house whilst working full time (that's why my blog has taken a back seat!) We decided recently that to get us back into the swing of things, we'd give Hello Fresh a go and see what it's all about. We thought it'd help us to eat a bit better, but also means all the food is delivered straight to your door and you don't have to worry about doing a big food shop. The recipes are also quite quick to do which is great for us as we can be quite lazy sometimes when we get back from work!!

We chose the "classic box" for our first time using Hello Fresh and it cost us £17.50 for four meals. The first thing I'll say is that the menu options are quite vast and there is lots to choose from. We both liked the sound of a lot more than the four we could choose so that was already a good sign before we're even tested it out! We chose the Pork and Apple Burgers, Herby Crispy Skin Chicken, Cheesy Chorizo Enchiladas and Steak Strips 'N' Cheesy Chips.

We decided on a Saturday delivery as it was the most convenient for us and all the ingredients came in a biodegradable box along with a recipe card for each meal. The great thing about Hello Fresh is that once you've cooked the meals, you get to keep the recipe cards so you can continue to make the meals in the future if you enjoy them.

The recipe cards are so brilliant and extremely easy to follow as it's a step-by-step guide! If you order meals with meat or fish and anything that goes in the fridge, it comes packaged in a bag with ice packs to keep it cool until it's ready to put away in the fridge. I love the fact that the meals come labelled and match your recipe cards too, so it's easy to know which bag to grab out of the fridge when it comes to cooking.

Our favourite meal was definitely the Herby Chicken or the Pork and Apple Burgers but I've got to say we both enjoyed all four and will definitely be cooking them again. We've already ordered our next box and can't wait to get cooking. It's definitely made us enjoy cooking more and is a great way of preventing us buying unnecessary food items when you browse the aisles of the shops.

Have you ever tried Hello Fresh before? What are your favourite recipes? If you'd like to try it out and give it a go, click here to redeem £20 off!


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  1. Hello Fresh is such a great idea, there is so much less food waste with it too!
    Your meals look delicious x