Hello, welcome back to another festive gift guide post. I am so excited to break up for Christmas in a few weeks and celebrate with all the family. I'm sharing the gift guide for the men in your life today as a little extra on a Sunday! I want to try and get the gift guides out before Black Friday next week so you can shop all the best deals ahead of Christmas. In this gift guide I've got something for every man, whether they're a lover of tech, fashion or quirky gifts!

The first gift I wanted to feature is one for a tech lover. My boyfriend and brother both love playing on the Playstation and I also sometimes like to play the racing games on it too (although I don't like to admit that I actually enjoy playing on it!!). Depending on your budget, you could get the game console itself or some games, even a new controller or headset. I know my boyfriend would love to receive some new games so he might be getting some of those in his stocking this year!!

A Scratch Map is the perfect gift for someone who travels as it has that personal touch. I love the fact that it's a gift that isn't just a one off because every time you visit a new place, you can come back and scratch it off and see how many places you've been too. I think this is a brilliant idea for a couple too and you could also get a large frame for it so that it can go up in their home.

You can't beat getting the man in your life some of their favourite Aftershave at Christmas time. I find that every year I get my favourite perfumes at Christmas and then make them last all year round until the following year!! I used to work in Superdrug and my favourite smells were always the Hugo Boss Orange scents so I couldn't not pick it up this year! There are SO many nice aftershaves out at the moment and Black Friday is a great time to pick them up!

For the men who love fashion, why not get them some new trainers or a designer t-shirt? My brother loves getting new trainers for Christmas and my boyfriend loves his Ralph Lauren Polo's so I know they are a winner every year! Black Friday is another good opportunity to get the more expensive designer items for a lot less money!!

Another great gift for tech lovers is a Wireless Charger! They are really affordable and I think it's a great "filler present" to add to a stocking or hamper. I have one of these by my bedside table and they're so handy to not have to deal with loads of wires! They're great for travelling too as they have a USB port!

Alcohol is another brilliant gift at Christmas. My dad loves a good bottle of Red Wine so this is the perfect gift to add to his pile! Gin is one of my boyfriends favourite spirits too so a Gin gift set is a fab idea!

What are your favourite gifts for the men in your lives? Let me know some ideas in the comments below.


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