You guys probably know by now, but autumn is my favourite time of year. I love being all cosy tucked up on the sofa when it's raining outside. It's just such a relaxing place to be. Anyway, as we're now officially into November and it's definitely autumn weather, I thought I'd share with you my favourite things I like to do to have the perfect cosy autumn night in!

1. A Hot Bubble Bath
The first thing I like to do on a cosy autumnal evening is run a hot bubble bath to help me relax and de stress after work. I love having baths all year round but in the winter months when it's that bit darker outside after work, it just feels all the more cosy! For my perfect winter bath, I like to fill it with some bubble bath and add in a scented bath bomb for that something a little extra. I love this set of bath bombs which I bought on Amazon, they're so affordable and smell incredible. It's a brilliant stocking filler present!

2. Candles (and lot's of them)
You can't have a bath without candles during the winter months, I literally light them everywhere in the house but I love to have a few around the bath in particular to add to the mood. My favourite scents for winter are gingerbread and cranberry scents but I also love the Jo Malone dupes from Aldi too. You can never have too many candles around the house during the colder months and I'm always picking up new ones on my shopping trips. I just can't help myself!!

3. Cosy Lounge Wear and Fluffy Slippers
As soon as I get out of the bath, I like to put on some new cosy pyjamas or a lounge wear set and my fluffy slippers. I usually shop for my winter pj's in places like Primark as they often do cute sets for such an affordable price (they make great Christmas presents too!) I also have the UGG dupe slippers from Primark too in the grey colour which I absolutely love. They are SO cosy!

If you prefer to chill in cosy lounge wear or chunky knits, Femme Luxe have some amazing pieces. I love this Black Ribbed Belted Loungewear Set | £20.99* which is basically a matching leggings and belted top combo which is ribbed. It's SO comfy and the perfect cosy outfit for lounging around on  the sofa watching Netflix.

I am also loving this Stone Oversized Split Side Knitted Jumper | £19.99* which is the perfect comfy knit to pair with leggings and cosy slipper socks.I think this is so versatile and I love to wear it with jeans and chunky trainers too!

If you're looking for some cosy pieces then definitely have a browse on the Femme Luxe website, I also really love this Black Cropped Long Sleeve Jumper | £10.99* as well as this light weight Camel Waterfall Duster Belted Long Coat | £19.99* which is great for layering. I love to wear this with an evening outfit.

4. Pamper Your Skin
Another after bath essential for me is a face mask and a nourishing skincare routine. I suffer with dry skin all year round but it gets worse in the winter months so I always like to keep my skin feeling as hydrated as possible. I've got a fair few face masks and like to switch it up every now and again but some of my favourites are the Body Shop masks and the Garnier Moisture Bomb Sheet Masks. I have also been loving my Dr Botanicals Hemp Moisturiser and my all time favourite Body Shop Facial Oil. My skin feel SO soft after I use these products! You can get £5 off the Hemp Moisturiser with the code NEWHEMP.

5. A Big Mug of Hot Chocolate
My go to wintery drink is of course a hot chocolate. I love to make mine in a big mug with marshmallows and whipped cream on top and of course some chocolate sauce for that added extra! You've got to go all out with hot chocolates during this time of year, I love the Costa Gingerbread Hot Chocolates, they are heaven. I know they're not the healthiest of drinks but you just can't beat them!

6. Fairy Lights/Mood Lighting
Another of my favourite things to have during cosy autumn nights is lots of fairy lights or mood lighting. We have recently bought a new build house and they don't have real fire places in them so we like to sometimes get up a YouTube video of a fireplace on the TV to get the mood going! I also love to display fairy lights around the TV to make it feel much more cosy and it generally just lifts my mood too!

7. A Movie
An Autumn evening isn't complete without a movie. I love a good old chick flick of course, but as soon as it hits November and Halloween is over, you bet I'll be whipping out the Christmas films. My absolute favourites are The Holiday, Love Actually and ELF!

8. Cosy Blankets and Hot Water Bottles
The final essentials for a cosy autumn night in are cosy blankets and a hot water bottle. For me, there is absolutely nothing worse than being cold so I like to wrap up warm in cosy pj's, a dressing gown and lots of cosy blankets! My favourite thing to do after a bath is to fill up a hot water bottle and put it in my bed. It's honestly the best feeling ever when you forget you've done it and an hour or so later you go upstairs and remember! It's the best trick ever and makes you instantly feel all cosy in bed! It's my new little trick when I stay over night in hotels with work!

So there you go, there's my favourite things to make the perfect cosy autumn night in! What are your current autumnal favourites for a cosy evening in? Let me know in the comments below.

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  1. This sounds like the perfect evening in. I love bubble baths, especially with candles, followed by snuggling up under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate.
    Kim x