Yes, you've read that correctly, I'm back! Sorry for the radio silence for the best part of this year. As you can imagine, with Covid-19 hitting the world, I was extremely busy at work and just didn't feel like blogging so I took a little break. Slightly longer than expected might I add!

Anyway, for my first post back, I wanted to share with you this amazing local brand that I've discovered during this whole shit show and it's one that I think you'll all love. Tell Her You Care was created by the wonderful Lucy at the beginning of Lockdown and is a cute card delivery service that helps us to show the people we love that we care about them. 

For only £10, you can pick from a choice of postcodes with messages on for every occasion, write a personal message to the person you care about and send them a bar of Lindt chocolate too! I know you can technically go to the shop and buy the chocolate bar and a card and send it all yourself, but this service means you don't even have to leave your house (perfect for any one in a local lockdown or isolating!)

It's so important to tell those that you love and care about just how amazing they are, and we should all do it at every opportunity we can get. During these hard times, it could be just that perfect something that you need to brighten your day. When Lucy sent my card and chocolate bar, I was having a pretty shit day at work and suffering with another migraine. That little yellow postcard and the words she'd wrote on it honestly meant so much and instantly changed my mood. I can't wait to send my favourite people a little surprise in the post soon!

Look after one another, give those around you the biggest hug (or virtually on zoom!) and be kind!


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